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10 Reasons Why They Might Have Ghosted You

It’s happened to all of us and we’ve probably done it at least once or twice; the dreaded ghosting. Whether you’ve been ghosted or you’re guilty of ghosting someone else, we’ve all experienced ghosting in one way or another. That moment when someone just stops responding to you for no reason…yeah, it stings. We’ve all experienced ghosting of some sort so we’ve all thought about those ghosting reasons. Once you’ve sat and been sad about it for a little while, read through this list of ghosting reasons to ease your mind and help you get back out there. After all, it probably had more to do with them than you.

1. They Just Don’t Like You

Let’s just get this harsh and blunt one out of the way. One of the top ghosting reasons is that the person may just not like you like they thought they did when you first started talking. Whether you met and there really wasn’t a connection or after talking for a while they realized you didn’t have that much in common, something led the person to realize they were no longer interested. Sure, they could’ve done better than just ending all communication with no explanation, but now you can move on to someone who actually likes you and will appreciate all that you have to offer within a relationship. Even though they didn’t like you, someone else will.

2. They Don’t Want To Hurt Your Feelings

Sometimes people just don’t like confrontation so they ghost. They feel that if they just don’t respond instead of telling you that they don’t like you that they are doing you a favor. Instead of hurting your feelings by being upfront with you, they decide that not responding is the way to go. I personally think this is one of the lamest ghosting reasons, but that’s just me. Because in the end, they still end up hurting your feelings. Maybe worse than they would have had they been honest. This just gives you another reason to move on and find someone who is much better. 

3. They Want an Easy Way Out

This is another ghosting reason that just doesn’t sit well with me, but I’m sure it’s a reason that many people who ghost use. It just means that the person you were talking to is a little insecure. Plain and simple. Instead of thinking of you and trying to not hurt your feelings, this one is specifically for them. This one really has nothing to do with you, but it has everything to do with them. Whether they just lack confidence or just lack simple communication skills, you’ve probably been ghosted for this reason at least once. They’re just trying to make it as easy for themselves to stop talking to you. Thankfully, we don’t ever hear from the person who ghosted us about why they ghosted us because if anyone told me they did it for this reason I would absolutely lose it.

4. They’re With Someone Else

Another super common ghosting reason is that the person got back together with an ex or they started seeing someone else. This might make you feel really bad, but at least with ghosting we rarely hear from the person who ghosted us again, so they don’t tell us they stopped replying because they got together with someone else. The only true positive really. Opening up to you about reconnecting with an ex enables you to pass judgment on them, so instead they ghost so they don’t have to have that conversation with you. This is just another example of why that person was not the right one for you.

5. They’re Intimidated By You

Let’s say you share your ambitions, passions, and the things you are accomplishing in your life with the person you’re talking to and then you don’t hear from them ever again. You just got ghosted because they might have been intimidated by you. If someone is not where they want to be in their life currently and you are well beyond where they are, that could be one of their ghosting reasons. They simply don’t want to discuss this with you because they might be embarrassed so instead, they ghost. Don’t let this sway you from continuing to crush it. You strive for those goals and find someone who isn’t going to be intimidated by them, but proud of them. 

6. They Have The Wrong Idea About What You Want

Miscommunication at the beginning stages of a relationship can often lead to no communication and eventual ghosting. If the person you’re talking to doesn’t know what you want out of the relationship or if they want something that is completely different from what you want this becomes one of their ghosting reasons. If you are looking to become exclusive partners, but they want to have a casual hookup every so often and you aren’t on the same wavelength about that then they might ghost. Or you might, who knows? Sometimes miscommunication that eventually gets cleared up changes how the person feels about you, and instead of talking about it, they just decide to stop talking altogether. Avoiding miscommunication can lead to avoiding this ghosting reason. 

7. They’re Going Through Their Own Stuff

Sometimes someone just might be dealing with a lot of their own crap and this makes them ghost. Balancing a new relationship and all sorts of other things can be hard. If they can’t deal with their own stuff, then they probably can’t deal with telling you that they have a lot of stuff going on. So the fact that they are going through their own stuff becomes a ghosting reason. Instead of facing their own issues and sharing them with you, they drop all communication with you instead. We all know that people have their own things to deal with so we understand that. It’s the no longer responding that we don’t understand because the person doesn’t talk about it with us. At least they can work on their stuff now because you’ll be looking to start something new with someone else. 

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8. They Got Spooked

Maybe you started talking about a future with this person. Maybe you started talking about becoming exclusive. That can scare the person if they aren’t isn’t looking for something serious or haven’t even thought about what your relationship will look like two days from now. A fear of commitment or a fear of not knowing what they want at the moment can become a ghosting reason. They might get spooked by the fact that you know what you want and they don’t, which might be embarrassing for them. This leads them to ghost you so they won’t be embarrassed. Again, this has nothing to do with you so hopefully, you can move on and find someone else.  

9. They Lied To You or Found Out You Lied To Them

If someone tells you a lie when you first start talking and realize they can no longer keep up the front then they might ghost you. They’ll ghost because they don’t want to get caught in the lie or admit that they lied to you. Another pretty shady ghosting reason, but one that comes about more than you think. On the reverse side of this, if they find out you lied about something to them then that could lead to a ghosting. Mainly, they’ll ghost in this case because they don’t want to confront you about the lie. They figure just skipping out and no longer responding is easier than bringing up the fact that you lied and that they got lied to. It eases some of the embarrassment for them and becomes a vital ghosting reason. 

10. They’re Just an A**hole

Lastly, not to be rash, but they could just be a terrible person. They could’ve started talking to you to get something and when you wouldn’t give it to them they decided to ghost. They might just be the type of person that strings other people along as a game and when they’re done with the game they ghost. Believe it or not, these people exist and this is often one of the biggest ghosting reasons. One of the lamest ghosting reasons but a ghosting reason nonetheless. Unfortunately, we don’t know who these people are until they end up ghosting us so it’s pretty hard to avoid them. Just like getting ghosted, it’s hard to avoid at least one or two of these people when you’re out in the dating world. You just have to be able to pick yourself back up and get back out there to find the one that’s worth all the trouble. 

What do you think are some of the reasons you’ve been ghosted before? Have you ever ghosted someone for one of these reasons? Let us know in the comments below!

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