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20 Reasons Why Syracuse University Is The Best School On Earth

20 Reasons Why Syracuse University Is The Best School On Earth

Between a wild sylly weeks and a campus that looks straight out of Harry Potter, Syracuse University has it all. Here's why you should choose to Go Orange!

Syracuse University is unlike any other school, from its raging nightlife to its overpowering school spirit, going orange will give you four unforgettable years. Here’s a breakdown of 12 reasons why Syracuse University is the best.

1. No matter the weather, we tailgate

Even in a torrential downpour, you can find Syracuse University students dancing on a lot off of Comstock Avenue on game day. In the winter weather, bars get packed before most would say is socially acceptable. No matter the locale, you’re sure to see a sea of orange-clad students ready to cheer on our favorite team.

2. School spirit is essential!

The slogan ‘we bleed orange’ is more than just a slogan. At Syracuse University, it’s a way of life. On any given day you might see our mascot, Otto the Orange, racing around campus on his scooter to give students high-fives and chest bumps.


20 Reasons Why Your Syracuse University Is The Best School On Earth

3. Tuesday’s

To most, the weekend ends as the clock strikes midnight on Sunday. But for Syracuse University students, Tuesday nights are a weekly celebration. Any Tuesday night you can find DJ’s or Lucy’s bar hopping, packed to the gills with students who (hopefully) don’t have an 8 a.m course the next day.

4. Games, games, and more games

No matter the sport, you can be sure to find a swarm of Syracuse students. Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome hosts our sports events, where massive crowds cheer on our athletes. The air vibrates with energy and the silver bleachers are tormented by the hundreds of fans who jockey for a good view. Legend says Dome nachos are essential for any game – and I wouldn’t doubt the legend.


20 Reasons Why Your Syracuse University Is The Best School On Earth

5. The weather?

It can’t be disputed that the winters in Syracuse are horrendous.  Even so, Syracuse University students have found a silver lining. As temperatures ebb upwards in the spring the quad becomes packed with students, whether they are studying, lobbing a football, or sunbathing. If the sun shines during finals week, you can be sure to find squads of Vitamin-D hungry students skipping along Comstock, usually a red solo cup in hand.

20 Reasons Why Your Syracuse University Is The Best School On Earth


6. Marshall Street before 12 p.m

Whether you prefer an artfully cooked poke bowl or a lamb gyro at King David’s, Marshall Street offers dinner spots suited to (almost) any taste bud. During mid-term and final season snag a coveted table at Cafe Kubal or the ever-bustling Starbucks and grind out your studying over some expertly brewed coffee. If you have some spare time, stroll through a thrift shop or SU store and get your shop on.

7. Marshall Street grub past 12 p.m

Hoards of Syracuse students headed home from the bars can be found stumbling into the hodge-podge of late night restaurants on Marshall Street. Whether you crave a Mac n cheese calzone from Calios or a slice of pizza from Acropolis, you’re sure to find whatever snack you seek. (Pro-tip: go late-night people watch in Acropolis while sober.)

8. Welcome to Hogwarts

No matter the season, Syracuse University’s historic buildings and hilly campus are picturesque to say the least. As summer shifts to winter, sprawling vines and trees create a colorful fall landscape. Even during the gloomiest winter days, the rusted red turrets of the Crouse building against the stark white snow is a site for sore eyes. In the spring and fall, the scenic walk up to the Hall of Languages is lined with an array of blossoming flowers.


20 Reasons Why Your Syracuse University Is The Best School On Earth

9. Greek Life (if you’re into that sort of thing)

With over 30 percent of Syracuse University students in Greek Life, if you decide to rush you’ll be able to find a sorority or fraternity suited to you. Students at SU are proud to rep their letter sweatshirts and participate in philanthropies throughout the year. Most weekends you can find throngs of costume-clad girls headed to a themed fraternity party, and blaring music emanating from every house on Comstock and Walnut Avenue.

10. The trifecta of bars

DJ’s, Lucy’s and Harry’s. Despite being less than a block from each other, these bars have distinct crowds and trademarks that make them unique. DJ’s is popular among the younger crowd, and their relatively strong drinks are known to induce some poor decision-making. Lucy’s is dominated by upperclassmen and is especially raucous in the fall and spring, when warm weather allows them to open their back lot. Harry’s is the middle-man, with a variety of classes, but is known as the bar for student athletes.


10. Study internationally

Syracuse University offers a wide variety of study abroad programs, from France to Hong Kong. With credit transferred from abroad and high acceptance rates into programs, get ready to pack your bags and renew your passport. Studying abroad also offers a unique opportunity to meet a new crew and escape the brutal Syracuse winter for a semester.

11. Dorm life

Yes, dorm life. While there are downsides to dorm life, having your freshman and sophomore year in dorms offers some perks too. You can bet on making close friends on your freshman floor, and sophomore year live within walking distance from each other – and all your classes. Many memories are made in the first two years, whether it’s over Ernie Davis dining hall French fries or in the communal Watson Hall bathrooms.

12. It’s your Destiny

Tired of Bleu Monkey and Chipotle? Need a new wardrobe? Make the short trek to Destiny USA, a mega mall in Syracuse. Bring along your friends for a shopping trip, movie, games at Dave and Busters or some dinner. Whatever your heart desires, Destiny offers it.

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20 Reasons Why Your Syracuse University Is The Best School On Earth

13. Flip.

Do you think going out on Tuesday is ridiculous? What about Wednesday night at Faegans. A tradition among SU students is the weekly flip night, where flipping a coin determines whether you pay $1 or full price for your brew. Either way, a hangover is likely.


14. Sylly week

What else would Syracuse students do during the easiest academic week of the semester but go out every night? Between day parties in vacant lots, tailgates, bars and happy hour this week is bound to start every semester off with a bang.

15. Castle Court

Nothing says Syracuse quite like a midnight celebration at Castle Court after a big sports win. With champagne bottles aplenty and spirits high, this is the quintessential SU experience. If you’re lucky, you might catch some (likely illegal) fireworks too.

16. Juice Jam

While the weather in Syracuse is still balmy, University Union hosts a day-long concert known as Juice Jam. This uniquely SU music fest has featured artists like Diplo and Asap Ferg, complete with a monstrous swell of (usually drunk) students dancing all day long.


17. Mayfest

If you thought Juice Jam was wild, buckle in. Mayfest rages on all day in Walnut Park, with free food and lots of photo ops. The final act of the day is a huge concert held in our very own Dome. Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, and SZA have all performed. Be warned though, it takes talent to survive to the nighttime concert. Stay hydrated and double fist a few corndogs in the hopes of making it through.

18. Downtown Syracuse

Though admittedly it’s no NYC or LA, downtown Cuse has its own charm. With an eclectic gathering of restaurants, boutiques and bars making your way downtown every now and then can be a respite from campus life.

19. Walk it out

While the winter is definitely less-than enjoyable, the relatively small campus size of SU makes snow storms a bit more bearable. If you’re a brisk walker, you can make it from one side of campus to the other in under 10 minutes and not lose your nose to frostbite!


20. Holiday mayhem

Whether it’s week long celebrations of Halloween or Christmas festivities, Cuse students are sure to celebrate any chance they get. Pack your cat ears and Santa hat, you’ll need them.

Why do you think Syracuse University is the best school? Let us know in the comments below!
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