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20 Reasons Why SMU Is The Absolute Best

20 Reasons Why SMU Is The Absolute Best

Southern Methodist University is the absolute best for way more reasons than 20. If this doesn’t make you want to come here, I don’t know what will. If location, school spirit, social life, food or really any criteria is important to you, SMU is the place for you. Keep reading for 20 reasons why SMU is the absolute best!

1. Dallas!

Dallas is a city where you can live in a suburb and still have plenty to do within a ten-minute radius. Not only are there countless job opportunities and museums to see downtown, places to eat and shop can be found at any turn.



2. Pizza at Mac’s.

Because who doesn’t love having a convenient place to eat pizza at 1AM, a place to buy ping pong balls, and a place to buy pre packaged sushi all in one? I pray for those who live in McElvaney and also pray to be one of those people someday. Self-control goes out the window when Mac’s is on your first floor.


3. We have a beautiful campus.

This one goes without saying. SMU was rated the #2 Most Beautiful College Campus by The Princeton Review. While we may resent that we were ranked #2 to Rollins College, we’ve chosen to overlook it. SMU will always be #1 in our hearts. If you want to go to a picture perfect school, this one of the reasons why SMU is the absolute best.



4. The weather!

Most people probably wouldn’t think Texas weather is remotely desirable, but when it’s November and still a high of 75° I’d say we like it more than November in the northeast.



5. Game day at Boulevard.

No one does game day quite like SMU. I don’t know too many schools where the tailgate is the main event and the football game comes second. With our new football coach, that all may be changing in the next couple of years so take it in while you can!



6. Dorm dogs!

Another unique quality is that most dorms have “dorm dogs”. Since the faculty in residence lives in the dorms too, they can’t forsake their family. Each dorm dog ends up being a part of your family too. If this isn’t one of the most important reasons why SMU is the absolute best, I don’t know what is.


7. So many stores close by.

Again, Dallas is known for its shopping. It’s a money saver when New York City and can’t find anything to do because you have every single store in Dallas.



8. Great food is everywhere.

Good food in Dallas can be found anywhere. Whether you’re looking for Burger House french fries or Al Biernat’s steaks, we have it all. This is one of my favorite reasons why SMU is the absolute best!



9. Opportunities are around every corner.

You’ll have countless opportunities to see something you’ve never seen before. If it’s a sports game or artistic performance, you’ll have the chance to see something or even take part in something new.



10. Friends!

I can’t write on the topic of SMU being the absolute best without mentioning the people. College is a time to make some of your best friends so if you haven’t met those people yet, you most likely will soon.


11. Our dorms are actually really nice.

I envisioned myself living in a gross, tiny dorm in college but here that isn’t the case. Each dorm has pros and cons, but whenever I see my dorm on a long walk back from class I feel relieved to be home.



12. Meadows Museum

The fact that our campus has the biggest collection of Spanish art outside of Spain is incomparable. Even if you never take an art class, you’ll probably go to Meadows a few times. You may not know anything about art but you’ll learn a lot from this museum.



13. George W. Bush!

Do you go to SMU if you haven’t seen George Bush? Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, or third party you will probably get the chance to meet him during your time here.

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14. You’ll meet so many awesome people.

You’ll meet someone from different states, regions, and countries. But most notably, if you don’t know at least 10 people from California I’m not too sure if you go here.


15. Challenging classes that are worth it.

Classes really take the energy out of you especially when all of your friends going to huge state schools get to skip class whenever they want and you can’t because your classes have 15 people in them. But hey, you’re paying to go here for a reason right?



16. Basketball and school spirit.

While we may have lost Coach Brown, it won’t change the fact that our team is consistently ranked in the top 5 in our conference over the past few years. This is the place school spirit really comes out.



17. Networking!

There’s always someone for you to meet. Whether it is a professional from a workshop, a professor’s colleague, or someone’s family friend, there’s a very strong networking group here.


18. The luxury of new buildings.

This is the first month I haven’t seen construction on campus. Whether a new building is going up, coming down, or just being renovated, there’s usually updating going on to delay your commute to class.


19. Fondren/Deadman Starbucks.

One of my favorite parts of this school is the fact that we have two Starbucks on campus. Whether you’re cramming for a test or heading to workout, there’s always coffee to get you through.

20. Peruna, the best mascot.

Rated #2 among America’s best live mascots (again, should’ve been #1). This is probably because Peruna got into a fight with Fordham’s Ram. This goes without saying, Peruna won.


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