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5 Reasons Why Situationships Suck

Situationships aren’t fun at all. A situationship is basically a friends with benefits situation but more than that but less than officially being together. I hope that makes sense. You might agree to it at first but deep down that’s not what you really want. Here are 5 reasons why situationships suck.

You Fall For Their Potential, Not For Who They Truly Are

We all have a set of standards when it comes to what we want in a person. For me, it’s kindness, empathy, compassion, thoughtfulness, and a sense of humor. I was in a relationship with a guy who seemed so perfect. Being that it was my first relationship, I had on rose-colored glasses. He had his own place which was nice, and he had a job. I thought wow, this is a grown man in control of his life what potential. I was so naive. I could tell you what he truly was, but that would turn into bashing and you didn’t click on this article for that. I can tell you this, I thought I had something good with this guy, something really good. Something I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever have with anyone else, so those rose-colored glasses never came off, well, at least not for a while.

Explaining Your Relationship To Other People Is Difficult and Embarrassing

Let me tell you, this by far is one of the worst things about situationships. People in my life would find out I’m seeing someone which is fine. Explaining that you’re in a friends with benefits situation but more than that but less than officially being together is complicated. When they start to ask you why you aren’t official yet, your sham of a relationship starts to get embarrassing. I know calling it a sham seems harsh but that’s exactly what it is. Situationships are a type of relationship that walks around with a “I’m totally the relationship that you want” mask on. It simply isn’t true. It’s not what you want.

You Expect Commitment…At Some Point

What do we want? Commitment! When do we want it? Now!

Eventually, you’re going to be sick of playing couple and are going to want commitment because honestly, life’s too short to not get the loving relationship you deserve. After you’ve been “together” for a while you start to ask the question, “So are we together or not?” This question leads to the next point.

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You’ll Question Why You Just Can’t Be Together

You hang out with each other. You go out on dates. You confide in each other. You cuddle. You talk on the phone all the time. All the things that couples do. So why aren’t you official? If we do all the things couples do and we’re exclusive to each other doesn’t that make us an official couple? Again, this leads to the next and final point.

You’ll Fight About Making It Official

This is how it goes. You enter this relationship under the pretense that you’re going slow. After a while of basically being a couple, one of you is going to ask why aren’t we officially together? Why are we stumbling to explain what we are to people? Why are you still introducing me as your friend when we go home with each other, something friends don’t do. This will turn into a fight because the truth is, they were never going to officially commit to you. You got played, hard. Situationships are just excuses for not committing to someone, plain and simple.

In your opinion, has a situationship ever been successful for both parties? Let us know in the comments below.

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