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10 Reasons Why Siblings Make The Best Roommates

10 Reasons Why Siblings Make The Best Roommates

Having my twin sister as my roommate in college has been the absolute best! I’ve heard horror stories from some many friends about their roommate and thank my lucky stars I didn’t go through the same thing! Keep reading for 10 reasons why siblings make the best roommates!

1. There’s no awkward meeting.

For those who have a random roommate always go through that awkward first meeting. With your sibling, you already know them!

2. Decorating your place can be fun.

Having your sibling with you as you decorate the room you will both be living in can be fun and be a bonding experience.


3. It’ll feel like home.

You’ve already lived with your sibling your whole life so living in a dorm will be just like living with your parents (except more freedom)

4. You understand each other.

Trying to get to know your roommate can be complicated especially if you don’t have the same thing in common. With your sibling, you were raised together so you know everything about them!

5. You can steal each other’s clothes.

I definitely dabble in my sister’s clothes every other day if I don’t have anything to wear. Having a sibling as your roommate is like having another closet, especially if you have similar taste in clothes!


6. Privacy is not really an issue.

When you have a roommate that you don’t really know, privacy becomes somewhat of an issue especially if you’re having a private conversation. With your sibling, there’s no such thing as privacy!

7. You can be yourself.

Your sibling knows you from top to bottom so there’s no need of putting on a façade if you were rooming with someone you didn’t know well.

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8. Your sibling’s visitors are your visitors.

If someone comes over to visit, most likely they’re your friends too and won’t be having to kick anyone out is slim to none (unless you both want them to gtf out!)

9. You trust each other.

You won’t have to establish trust with someone you don’t know so having your sibling whom you already trust is more beneficial

10. You can save money.

Some schools offer discounts for siblings so that can definitely be a major advantage in living with your sibling!


What are some other reasons siblings make the best roommates? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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