10 Reasons Why Short TV Shows Make The Best TV Shows

While some people may love neverending tv shows, I personally enjoy shows that know when it’s time to end. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying longer running television shows but it seems the best ones always shorter. Here are 10 reasons why I love shorter shows.

There’s A Plan!

Short tv shows just know when and where in their plot to wrap things up! When I’m watching a show that seemingly goes on forever, I get the feeling that the writers have been making up things as they go. Shows like Breaking Bad know when it’s time to end the stories of their characters.

Have you ever noticed how shorter tv shows seem to be better? Here are 10 reasons why I love shorter tv shows!

Fewer Chances Of Screwing Up!

It’s very difficult for a show of 10 seasons to retain its original luster. If the show has a series plot with countless moving parts, then most audiences with loss interest the longer the show prolongs its existence. Unless the show makes drastic changes to its format, then most audiences will tire of the same conflict and character motivations.

I Remember More!

Shorter shows also have more staying power! I’m more likely to remember a show with 5 seasons as opposed to one with 15 seasons. Sure you spend fewer times with the characters but depending on the writing, you’re more likely to connect and remember critical moments with the shorter shows.

I Don’t Have All The Time In The World!

No matter how much I love a show, I don’t have all the time in the world to watch it. I feel that after 5 seasons, I usually lose interests in the universe. It’s not because the show necessarily drops in quality but rather I just can’t feel the same excitement for the show.

Different Showrunners!

The longer a show continues, the more likely new showrunners will take over. Usually, these new producers/writers have different visions in mind and this leads to the show derailing itself. Look at shows like The Walking Dead which have dropped in quality over the years.

Characters Matter More!

With fewer seasons to develop their characters, shorter shows usually place more importance on their characters. You’ll often see main characters die or go through drastic changes that longer shows would be terrified to attempt.

Have you ever noticed how shorter tv shows seem to be better? Here are 10 reasons why I love shorter tv shows!

No Filler Episodes!

Every episode matters in shorter shows. You never feel like you’re wasting your time and the overarching plot continues to develop. In longer shows, however, the showrunners will often stretch out scenarios in order to meet quotas and deadlines.

Rarely Worth It!

While I’m sure you could find a few examples, there are rarely longer shows that justify their length. You’ll often hear fans of said show complain about multiple seasons and suggesting that you skip them. What kind of show has seasons that you can completely skip? With short tv shows, this kind of talk would be insane! 

Too Many Other Shows!

We live in a world where there are countless other great shows to watch. At any moment of the day on any device, you can watch hundreds upon hundreds of great shows at a press of a button. I don’t want to give all of my time to one show that lasts entirely too long and probably doesn’t have a good payoff. I feel that shows have to respect the time of their viewers and not attempt to drag out storylines for the sake of making more money. For this reason, short tv shows are just more appealing. 

Can’t Think Of A Single Good One!

This is for me personally, but I literally can’t think of a single good long-running show. By this, I mean that the show isn’t a sitcom. I’m speaking strictly of a show that has an ever-developing plot that’s meant to be taken seriously by its viewers. If a show reaches 10 seasons, then I feel that it’s past its prime. Maybe you can think of some shows that buck this trend but I personally can’t think of a single one! Let’s face it, short tv shows are just superior in every way! 

Have you ever noticed how shorter tv shows seem to be better? Here are 10 reasons why I love shorter tv shows!

Can you think of any more reasons? Tell us below!

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