5 Reasons Why Scrapbooking Should Be Your Latest Hobby

A typical day as a student can involve lie-ins, lectures and last minute essays so it can be important to take a break from all the stress and find a way to unwind. Usually we resort to Netflix but when you’ve run out of films to watch and are caught up with Stranger Things you’ll find yourself looking for something else. Luckily we are here to help you, and what’s our advice? Make scrapbooking your latest hobby. Here’s why.

1. It’s fun

Despite what you may think, scrapbooking isn’t just a craft for mums, it can be a  really fun and worthwhile activity for anyone. If you are into crafts and DIYs, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative, being a cool, artistic way to display anything you like. Finding new ways to arrange the pages is like producing a piece of art each time.

And it definitely isn’t just about sticking down photos. You can use a scrapbook to display your own artwork, gather together old tickets from special trips, and remember holidays with postcards. Even small things like feathers and buttons can add a quirky aspect to it.

5 Reasons Why Scrapbooking Should Be Your Latest Hobby

2. It’s a good way to get organised

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like to throw things away, then scrapbooking gives you the perfect place to keep all your memories. Old pictures, books, leaflets, maps and many other things can fit inside to keep them off your shelves. You can have a scrapbook for every year at uni, one for every holiday you go on or something to remember your school days by.

5 Reasons Why Scrapbooking Should Be Your Latest Hobby

3. It’s nice to be nostalgic

University is said to be the greatest time of your life so it’s a good idea to commemorate it. Looking back at a scrapbook you make now in twenty years time will be the ultimate nostalgia trip and it will be nice to reflect on all the memories that you are making today.

But it isn’t just for future nostalgia, being away from home to study can be difficult and you might find yourself missing your friends and family from your hometown. By creating books of old photos, scrapbooking can be a nice way to feel connected to people who are far away.

5 Reasons Why Scrapbooking Should Be Your Latest Hobby

4. It makes for very personal gifts

Scrapbooks aren’t just great for own enjoyment but they also make for the ideal gift. All you need to do is buy a scrapbook and it can make for a cheap yet very meaningful present. This can be an especially nice idea if your friend is going away for a year abroad or you are finishing up your final year and moving away from each other.

You can also make one alongside a friend if you have a craft-loving BFF. Add pages from the both of you so that you have joint memories forever.

5 Reasons Why Scrapbooking Should Be Your Latest Hobby

5. It can allow time for relaxation

Getting buried under work is the most stressful part of being a student and it can be hard to shut off from reading and essay writing. Sometimes it’s unavoidable but, other times, time management through having a hobby can fix the issue.

Committing to something such as scrapbooking and setting aside time to complete it is really helpful in establishing a more productive schedule. Not only will you procrastinate less during work time because you know you have free time set aside for later, but you will also feel that you aren’t wasting hours watching TV as there will be something to show for your efforts. Crafts are also just relaxing by nature, giving you time to spend alone in a creative flow.

5 Reasons Why Scrapbooking Should Be Your Latest Hobby

Have you ever tried scrapbooking? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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