20 Reasons Why San Diego State University Is The Absolute Best

There are so many reasons why San Diego State University is the absolute best. We've put together the top reasons, you'll definitely agree!

When attending a school like San Diego State, it is hard to narrow down to the top 20 reasons why it is the best. Although there are thousands of reasons I could say about why San Diego State University is the absolute best and why I love this school, here are my top 20:

1. The campus itself:

San Diego State is quite possibly one of the prettiest campuses I’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful buildings, colorful and vibrant colors, and green nature filled campus makes every walk to class (even at 8 am) so enjoyable.


2. The Food:

SDSU has a variety of food options, ranging from panda express, to vegan milkshakes. Any craving you could possibly ever get, SDSU has the answer to. There are 3 Starbucks, a Panda Express, Chipotle, Habit, multiple BCB coffee carts, a huge dining hall buffet, a delicious sandwich shop called Olive Oil, and the list goes on and on. If having good food easily accessible to you is a big priority of yours, that’s enough reason to come to SDSU.

3. Campus is accessible and resourceful:

In addition to the campus being absolutely gorgeous, it is also extremely accessible. SDSU utilizes its beauty in the most efficient manner. There is tons of outdoor seating, grassy areas reserved for relaxing, places to watch the sunset, places to eat, places to do homework, etc, which brings me to my next 2 points.


4. The Turtle Pond:

If you’re ever overwhelmed with school, or just need to take a break and sit in the sun, this is one of the most relaxing places on campus. This small pond, filled with friendly little turtles is in a secluded area that allows you to de-stress and just remove yourself from anything going on in your life.



5. The Student Union:

If you ever want to sit outside, enjoy some food, and people watch, this is the place to be. The student union has a variety of things, but one of my favorites is the outdoor patio-like area. There are different floors you can go to sit at, a nice water fountain that compliments the place, and shops and food options that surround the area. In addition to this, there is also a bowling alley and express gym.

6. The Gym:

SDSU has an unbelievable gym. Equipped with a full size rock climbing wall, a weight room, basketball courts, a cardio area, and classes such as Zumba, Pilates, cardio blast, yoga, and so much more, the freshman 15 doesn’t apply here.

7. The Aquaplex:

When I first heard that SDSU had a huge pool area literally dedicated to tanning, relaxing, and swimming, I thought people were kidding. If you have a break in between classes and just want to go swim or lay out, this is the place to go.

8. The ability to get involved:

When I first arrived at SDSU, I had no idea how I was going to find my place. At a school with 35,000 students, how do you know where to begin? Well, that was much easier than expected. SDSU offers a variety of ways to get involved, such as, Greek life, Clubs, Intramural sports, Associated students, Internships, on-campus jobs, work-study, and so so so so much more.

9. Proximity to the beach:

You already attend the best school in the country, and you know what makes it even better? That it’s a 15 minute drive to the beach.

10. Night Life:

You will never be bored at SDSU. There is always something going on during the week and weekend, so you never have to worry about finding something to do. Themed parties, kickbacks, daygers, and house parties, are always happening, and once you turn 21 you can also go bar hopping in Pacific Beach.

11. Panchos:

After a crazy night of going out, everyone craves a good burrito. Panchos is a quick, delicious, and fun way to continue your night, while also eating amazing food. (I highly recommend the California burrito and Carne Asada Fries).

12. Trujillos:

Across the street from Panchos, is yet another amazing burrito place. If you’re looking for a huge burrito, wrapped in a quesadilla, and filled with fries, this is your place to be. They have a jukebox, which allows you to play music, so essentially you’re eating a burrito and at a party. (I highly recommend the sigma chi and sigma pi).


13. The Art wall:

This iconic wall is located right behind the art building. It’s a great place for taking pictures, and watching the sunset. It’s a very known spot but it isn’t ever crowded which makes it all that much better.

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14. Hepner Hall:

Although this goes along with point #1, Hepner Hall is so beautiful that it deserves its own post. This iconic building is the figure of San Diego State, and allows you to overlook the entire campus. It’s a great place to take pictures, relax at, and reflect on the thousands of reasons why SDSU is the best.

15. Cream:

Along with all the other wonderful food options on campus, this is definitely one of the best. Whether you want ice cream sandwiched in between two cookies, or an ice cream taco, this is the place. It’s open until midnight every day so it’s the perfect place to go on a hot day, or after a long day of studying.

16. The Lib:

The library, aka the lib, is the place to be. It has 5 levels, hundreds of books and computers, as well as a built in coffee shop. Each level is open for 24 hours and during finals week they even have their own transportation system to take students home at all hours of the night. Whether you want to study in complete silence, or work in a large group, the lib can accommodate to all your needs.

17. Shakesmart:

If you ever want a protein shake, or even an acai bowl, shakesmart is the goat. With multiple locations on campus, and a variety of options to choose from it’s the best of both worlds. Its items are filling, yet extremely healthy and make you feel better about the not-so-healthy choices you made on the weekend.

18. Basketball Games:

SDSU basketball games are truly one of a kind. The energy in the room is unexplainable. Thousands of students and alumni come to each to each game to support the Aztecs, which makes the games even more exciting. It’s a great thing to do with friends, family, and really demonstrates how close of a student body we are.

19. Football Games:

Along with basketball games, Football games are so incredibly fun. It is during the end of summer, and beginning of the fall, so the weather is amazing. Hundreds of tailgates are spread across the parking lot of Qualcomm stadium, and people spend their entire afternoon jumping from one tailgate to another, and then head off to the game.

20. The friendly people:

Because we go to the best school in the country, everyone is always extremely happy. This campus is filled with friendly people who are always down to have a good time and meet new friends. Although it seems difficult, it is so easy to get involved with student organizations, and really find your place on campus. This school is truly the greatest college to ever exist and I could list thousands of more reasons why.

What are your top reasons why San Diego State University is the absolute best? Comment below!
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