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8 Reasons Why Road Trips Are The Best Way To Travel

8 Reasons Why Road Trips Are The Best Way To Travel

There’s something about driving on the open road that makes road trips the best option to travel. If it’s true what they say about the journey being the best part, not the destination, then taking a road trip will make sure you have the best journey possible. Here are some reasons why you should consider hitting the road for your next vacation.

1. Easier to plan

Part of taking a vacation is the planning you do beforehand. Normally this involves research on which flights are cheapest, what time it leaves and as always the possibility of it being canceled based on weather. This can be a stressful process but can be easily avoidable when traveling by car. One of the best parts of road trips is that you are also able to travel based on your schedule. This means you get to avoid waking up way too early to travel to the airport. Any chance to sleep in is automatically a win.

2. Less hassle

Road trips make for the most low key method of traveling. All you have to do is pack everything in your car, hope that everything fits, and you will be on your way. There’s no waiting in line, going through security or hanging out at the terminal. Whether you are taking a road trip alone or with friends, you will always be in good company and not having to worry about a stranger falling asleep on top of you. You are also guaranteed to have a window seat if you are the one driving.


3. Bring what you want

For road trips, you are only limited by what you can fit in your trunk. Without having to worry about weight limits or paying extra for each of your bags, feel free to bring the essentials plus a few more! Although you could consider extra snacks as essential. Want to bring extra clothes to prepared for any drastic change in the weather? Go ahead. Want to bring your guitar in the event of a campfire sing-along? Bring it with. Want to bring extra blankets and pillows to make the road trip as comfortable as possible? Would not blame you. The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to packing.

4. You control your trip

While it might seem like this is a lot of responsibility, it can be a good thing to be in charge of your own trip. You may have a route in mind and have already put it into your GPS, but there’s no reason you have to strictly stick to your road trip plan. You never know what you will see while you’re on the road, especially the hidden gems. If there’s something that catches your attention, you can always make a spontaneous detour and check it out. These spontaneous detours could end up being some of the most memorable parts of your trip. Going on a road trip allows you to have the freedom to stray away from your pre-planned route to visit somewhere that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. You also have the advantage of being on land instead of in the air, water, train tracks, etc. Unless you are on a time constraint, don’t be afraid to stop and explore what’s out there.

5. Cost-Efficiency

If you are looking to save some cash that you would rather use on your vacations, road trips can definitely be the most cost-efficient method of traveling. Since this method of transportation only involves paying for gas before and during your trip, the total cost can be significantly less than buying a ticket plus fees. This, of course, depends on where your road trip takes place and how far you are driving.

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6. Multiple vacations in one

This has to be one of the best parts of road trips. When you are planning everything out, you can visit different places along the way on the way to your final destination. If you’re traveling from the midwest on the way to the west coast, you can stop by different cities in the southern states or vice versa. If you’re driving from the west to the east coast, you visit cities in the midwest. Even if you are traveling within the same state, this can be the opportunity to visit other cities within your home state that you have never been too. Road trips truly do give you the most opportunity to explore beyond the pre-planned route. This also gives you the opportunity to rest if you have been driving for a while. You can make a plan on which cities you want to visit on your trip, or you can look up road trip routes that fellow travelers have made for a specific region of the country.

7. Having fun along the way

Travelling by plane has a certain etiquette that everyone accepts and for good reason. When you are thousands of miles above the air, all passengers want everything to run smoothly and arrive safely at the airport. This means plugging in your headphones, silently reading a book, or taking a nap (or at least trying to). When you are on a road trip, the rule book is thrown out the window. If you are in the car alone or with friends, you are free to blast the radio and scream out the lyrics to your favorite songs. There’s also plenty of games you can play to pass the time or just talk about anything and everything. There’s nothing like cramming into a car on your way to your next adventure to be a bonding moment with your closest friends.


8. The Best Views

Imagine looking out your window and being surrounded in a seemingly endless forest. You feel like easing up on the gas pedal to slow down and take it all in. A few miles later, there are mountains that look enormous from your point of view. These kinds of views are really only possible on road trips. When you are looking at the natural world from a moving car, you can appreciate it the way it is instead of from a distance. If you feel compelled to do so, take a moment to stop and explore what’s out there.

Where would you like to go on your next road trip? Let us know in the comments!

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