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10 Reasons Why Online Classes Will Make Your Life And Your CV Better

10 Reasons Why Online Classes Will Make Your Life And Your CV Better

Online classes are either hit or miss. here is why online classes make your life easier. These online class tips are the best for deciding to take them.

Online classes are the best thing that could happen to you and your CV! Not only because you have the opportunity to learn new things (mostly free), but also because your future employer will definitely take a look at them. So, here are 10 the reasons why online classes are good for you:

1. They are free

Ok, I know that being a college/university student can be very expensive in some parts of the world. Even if you don’t pay tuition fees, you have to pay for rent, shopping, books etc. It is a financial nightmare! This is why you have online classes. You may like biochemistry for example, but it has nothing to do with your major and you cannot attend another university just for that. What you can do is, you go to our beloved internet and you find thousands of online free classes from many universities. In some cases, you may choose to pay for a certificate, but it is not obligatory.

2. They broaden your horizons

I’ll give you an example. I study foreign languages, but I am also interested in international law and political sciences. I am currently enrolled in a class that combines these two subjects and the university that offers me this opportunity is Harvard! Through online classes, I am able to explore my interests and see what fits my taste. You may even find a subject that you never thought you would be interested at.


3. No deadlines

Exactly! Most of these classes are self-paced, meaning that you can complete them on your own time. I say yes to no more nervous breakdowns over a paper that is due tomorrow and a bottle of vodka to keep you company!

4. New friends! Yay!

You may think that you are the only one interested in a computer science course, but you’re wrong my friend. There are hundreds of people that attend those classes and you have the chance to contact them through discussion boards concerning the subjects. So, get ready to meet people from different parts of the world with whom you have similar interests.

5. The clock is ticking

We all know that university years are the ones before we enter for good the job market. You may have a part-time job when in college, but you are still just a child in school in your employer’s as well as your parents’ eyes. This is good because you have the chance to make time for activities or hobbies without having to make excuses to your boss. These years are perfect for enrolling in such classes due to the little free time (let’s not kid ourselves, we don’t have that much) we still have for us.


6. The job market

Apart from the fact that online classes are good for our mind, they are also good for our job prospects. The job market is huge. People are waiting in line to be employed and what is it that makes you different and better than someone else?

7. Your CV

That is what makes your chances better. Your CV is your whole life summed up in just two pages maximum. Languages, sports, awards, degrees etc. put you on the top of the list in a future employer’s eye. If someone sees that you are not just a graduate who has no other interest in life and that you have many activities, online courses on different subjects, he will realize that you are willing to learn new things.

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8. Society needs you

Society needs young people to be open-minded and to be able to support their opinion. By enrolling in online classes you get to hear other people’s opinions and form your own through dialogue and discussion.

9. The world needs you

If you want to become an interpreter for example, like me, you need to know everything! I am not exaggerating! There are some professions that require knowledge on a wide range of subjects. If you want to be good at what you do, you need to be always learning new things.

10. Success

The feeling of success is great! When you finish an online class, you have delivered all of your papers and you have actually learned a few stuff is when you realize why it was a great experience. Even if everything else is falling apart, the completion of a class that you enjoyed will make you feel better and it will give you the energy to keep going.

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