10 Reasons Why One Tree Hill is a Relatable TV Show

10 Reasons Why One Tree Hill is a Relatable TV Show

One Tree Hill is a television series that has ended on the screen, but no tin the hearts of many fans. The show is filled with drama, passion, romance, hardships, and life obstacles that can make anyone become invested. You can identify with each individual character and also with the show as a whole.

Here are 10 Reasons Why One Tree Hill is a Relatable TV Show that you need to check out: 

1. The Friendships

One Tree Hill is packed with intricate, complicated, and perfectly imperfect friendships that one just can’t help but fall in love with. The characters in this show go so quickly from hating each other to loving each other to not being able to live without each other over just a few seasons. You can’t help but be invested in the drama of the love triangle that is the friendship between Lucas, Peyton, and Brooke. Peyton and Brooke, being best friends, both end up dating Lucas at points, some cheating is involved, and somehow the trio still ended up being incredibly close. Then there is the everlasting loyalty of the friendship between Hailey and Lucas. From being children to having their own children, the pair stayed inseparable through all the ups and downs that came along with their lives. The two were always there for each other in every way.

Of course one cannot forget about the friendship that becomes of Lucas and Nathan. The two boys went from being brothers from different mothers who hated each other to best friends who make sacrifices for each other’s well-being. It is almost admirable how much these friendships evolve throughout the course of the show and one finds themselves always rooting for every friendship there is.

10 Reasons Why One Tree Hill is a Relatable TV Show

2. The Families

It’s easy to relate to the wide variety of family dynamics that this show encompasses. Many of the characters come from broken homes, unhealthy families, and families with single parents. Because of this, it’s easy to find at least one character to relate to. Whether it be Lucas, who lives only with his mom because his father abandoned him, or Brooke, who ends up living alone because her parents end their unhealthy marriage with divorce and leave her to fend for herself. 

There are no such things as perfect families in life, so for a popular television show such as One Tree Hill to raise awareness of this within their show, and to remind us that this is perfectly okay, is something worth recognizing.  

10 Reasons Why One Tree Hill is a Relatable TV Show

3. The Desires

All the characters within the show have such high hopes for their lives and such big dreams. Of course we all have dreams throughout our lives, but sometimes we do not believe we should dream so big, and instead result to watering down our dreams to make them more realistic. This is not the case in One Tree Hill and it is incredibly motivating. We see many characters, such as Hailey, Nathan, Lucas, and Peyton, stop at nothing to accomplish their dreams. 

Of course they go through several obstacles to get there and are often being forced to make life altering decisions because of them, but they push on because they are not afraid of getting what they want and they deserve in their live. While it may not seem realistic to do so, and we may not believe we can the same because it is a television show, it’s motivating and encouraging to see characters that we look up to going after everything they want. If we want to be anything like them, we will imitate their actions and hopefully not be afraid to get everything we want and deserve as well. 

10 Reasons Why One Tree Hill is a Relatable TV Show

4. The High school Cliques

We’ve all been there, high school is full of cliques and One Tree Hill does a perfect job of outlining them all for us. They have the jocks, filled by the basketball players and lead by one of the main characters, Nathan. They have the “geeks,” which consists of the boys who live their lives out by the river court (Mouth, Jimmy, Junk, and Fergie) narrating the friendly basketball games that go on there. They have the popular girls, or the cheerleaders, which consist of the two main characters, Brooke and Peyton. They also have the smart kids or the “bookworms,” which Hailey is the representation of. With such a dynamic cast, it’s easy to find someone in this show to relate to. 

10 Reasons Why One Tree Hill is a Relatable TV Show

5. The Drama 

One Tree Hill is full of dramatics! From school shootings and love triangles to pregnancy scares and psycho stalker fake brothers, One Tree Hill has all the drama a good television show needs. It’s easy to binge the entire series without ever getting bored! 

Every episode is filled with intricate plots and interesting story lines that you just can’t look away from.

10 Reasons Why One Tree Hill is a Relatable TV Show

6. The Relationships

While One Tree Hill is a technically a drama, we can’t help but be obsessed with all the romance and various relationships that arise within the show. Some are unconventional, like Antwon and Deb’s cougar love craze, and some are unexpected but beautiful like Peyton and Jake’s budding love. 

This relationships are not just meaningless high school romances either, we follow these characters through heartbreaks, marriages, divorces, etc. We get to see how the end up and who they end up with. We are able to be a part of their ending happiness that we’ve been rooting for all along. We get to see the ending we deserve as audience members and get to take satisfaction in the fact that we know how ever character ends up, unlike many other shows. 

10 Reasons Why One Tree Hill is a Relatable TV Show

7. The Music

One Tree Hill has one of the greatest soundtracks. For every significant moment in the show, there’s a perfect song to go along with it. Also, its more often than not that the song is one that most people know and love. Not to forget that One Tree Hill is full of live performances from various incredible artists. 

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Some of the shows live performances include Gavin Degraw, Jana Kramer (who is also a character in the show), Sheryl Crow, Kid Cudi, Fall Out Boy, and more!  

10 Reasons Why One Tree Hill is a Relatable TV Show

8. The Characters

Each character in the show has a complex story line behind them. They all come from different backgrounds and different worlds, yet they all come together so perfectly to create an iconic bunch of friends. 

We fall in love with all these characters individually, and even more when they come together. While some of the characters do not stick around for the entirety of the show, One Tree Hill still has a way of allowing you to love and remember them even though they aren’t around. They also do an amazing job of introducing new characters without making you feel like the show was better with it’s original cast.

10 Reasons Why One Tree Hill is a Relatable TV Show

9. The Hardships

This show, because it’s full of drama, is filled with deaths, accidents, heartbreaks, failures, health complications, relationship struggles, etc. This show does not romanticize the hardships that do come along with the lives of many. It puts emphasis on various things such as addictions, infertility, and depression, and allows us to see just how detrimental these things can be to one’s live without making us believe that everything will always be okay. 

While the characters do a great job of working through these hardships, it is evident that the show aimed to bring light to these difficult life scenarios to engage their audience, be able to relate to them, and help them through their own personal struggles.

10 Reasons Why One Tree Hill is a Relatable TV Show

10. The “Coming Of Age” story

Because the show lasts for 9 seasons, we get to follow the characters through so many stages in their lives. From being teenagers, to adults, to getting their first jobs, to creating their own families, to even losing their parents, us audience members are there for it all. As we watch these characters evolve, we sympathize and with them, feel empathy for them, and relate to them in so many ways as we ourselves re experiencing some of the same things. We root for them while internally rooting for ourselves. 

10 Reasons Why One Tree Hill is a Relatable TV Show

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