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10 Reasons Why NOT Going To College Is OK

10 Reasons Why NOT Going To College Is OK

In a society such as today’s, receiving a college education is basically planted into a child’s mind since day 1. However, if you don’t wish to pursue a college, that is totally okay. There is so much emphasis put on college, that some don’t even realize that there are other routes towards success other than receiving that degree. And so, here are 10 reasons to reassure you that not going to college is OK!

1. If you’re not the academic type, why bother?

Some people are insanely talented in aspects of their life that do not pertain to academics. That is fantastic because they can pursue something they have a natural aptitude for, but they make the mistake of actually hindering themselves by going to college. If your talents are not accurately reflected through grades, you’re only going to have a tough time. It’s better to not attend college to hone your skills and have a head start in the workforce.

Why not going to college is OK!

2. Not all jobs require a college education.

This may come to you as a surprise because going to college has always been ingrained in our minds. Many jobs focus heavily on skills and experience, and you might as well spend your time right now to perfect them.


3. You can take a break from the years of constant studying.

Think about it. You’ve started school since you were five, and you graduated high school. That’s TWELVE years of studying. Especially in middle school to high school – that shit was terrible, along with the typical hormonal changes and adolescent blues. Take a break from all that, and spend some quality time with your family.

4. You can be your own boss.

This is a prime time to get into entrepreneurship. You have the ability to start your own business in whatever you’re interested in. Kickstart this lucrative business in your early 20s, and you can be extremely success in your later years. Also, you’re the one who holds the reigns, which gives you a load of responsibility, but some leeway as well.

5. You can head to vocational/trade schools.

These special kinds of schools teach you the basics and allow you to master whatever you’d like to learn, whether it be nursing, cooking, etc. College requires you to take general education courses that don’t necessarily help you in the workforce. Vocational and trade schools focus primarily on the skills you need to be successful in the career pathway you choose.

6. Apprenticeships are available for you.

Being someone’s apprentice is the closest you can possibly get to fully experiencing your dream job. Apprenticeships give you a hands-on interaction of what you will be dealing with in the future, and it is important to note that college does not prepare you with such an accurate experience.

7. Get a head start with your job experience.

If you’re not going to college, you don’t have to juggle classes and studying with a job. You can attain a stable job, gain experience, and earn some money. College students are like the virgins of the working world – they lack experience. On the other hand, what you lack in a college degree, you can make up for with experience. Besides, experience is much more valuable to companies, as it will show that you’re not a total newbie, and that you know what you’re doing.

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8. College graduates are struggling just as much.

They graduated college, finally attained that degree they’ve been working for years on, and… countless millennials today cannot get a job. Again, they lack experience and expertise regarding the job, which is why they aren’t getting hired. Rest assured that some individuals with degrees aren’t doing as hot as you’d think they would.


9. Two Words: Bill Gates.

There are so many college dropouts within the famous entrepreneurs and successful names that everyone knows like it’s common sense. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and the list goes on. They are simply people, just like you, who have never received a college degree, but they are doing immensely well financially. Keep in mind that your hard work can pay off, and you will be doing well yourself, and be even with the people who have received a college education.


10. You will be student debt-free.

The most obvious of reasons. College debt is like a crazy ex-girlfriend, and you do not want to be involved with any of that drama. You can consistently work over the years, and in turn gain money, instead of suffering from trying to pay off those loans.

What are some other reasons as to why not going to college is OK? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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