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20 Reasons Why Montclair State Is The Best

20 Reasons Why Montclair State Is The Best

20 Reasons Why Montclair State Is The Best

Many people don’t realize how awesome Montclair State University really is. They don’t see how gorgeous the campus is, how great the sports are, and the amazing people that go there. In truth, it really is all here! Keep reading for 20 reasons why Montclair State is the best!

1. The dorms!

Montclair State has some of the greatest dorms out there; the picture above, which shows Gibson Hall in Machuga Heights is just one example. This particular hall lacks communal bathrooms, and you share your en suite bathroom with only your roommate. The walls are not made of stone, giving the rooms an overall more homey feel.

2. The view of New York City can’t be beat.

There are so many great sights you can look at from campus. Aside from the view from the gym, you can also get a great look at the city’s skyline from behind the math and science building, where there’s a patio set up so you can bring some friends and a lunch, and enjoy the view.


3. The food options.

We call it Café Diem, you might call it Au Bon Pain. Aside from the wildly known café, you can also choose to dine at the 24 Hour Red Hawk Diner, Sam’s Place, or the after hours food option, Bistro 62.

4. The area is so convenient.

Need to get away from campus for a while? Hop in an uber for the short ride into Montclair, a get town with plenty of great food options (like Raymond’s), good shopping (FemmeBot, South Moon Under, Urban Outfitters), and awesome coffee places (who doesn’t love Starbucks?).

5. The architecture.

The campus itself is gorgeous, but the architecture is incredible. The buildings are all designed with the same red-roofed look, and give the campus an incredibly original feel. With new buildings going up for the coming semester, the campus will no doubt have great additions.



6. How easy it is to get to New York!

Whether it’s for an internship, or for a weekend excursion with your friends, it’s really easy to get to New York City from school. They have scheduled busses that can take students to the city, which is really close to campus.

7. The professors are awesome.

The professors at Montclair are, overall, really great and interesting. Many have had vast experience in the field that they teach in, and are willing to share great stories with their students.


8. The campus is so Instagram worthy.

Montclair has a gorgeous campus. It’s a great place to just walk around with friends, just taking in the fresh air. If you want, you can even walk down to the amphitheater and climb to the top, and just check out the view from there.

9. The mascot, Rocky the Red Hawk.

If anyone has school spirit it’s Rocky. The school’s mascot always has boat loads of energy, easily getting the crowds hyped up during big events, like orientation and sporting events. If anyone can liven up a crowd, it’s Rocky!

10. Yogi Berra Stadium

The baseball stadium, named after former New York Yankee legend, Yogi Berra, stands just across from Machuga Heights, and is an incredible addition to campus. The New Jersey Jackals have games at this stadium, as well at the university team, and it’s the perfect location for different events to be held. Just recently, the school had Andy Grammer and Gavin DeGraw play a concert there exclusive for Montclair Students.


11. WAM! (Weekends at Montclair)

Montclair State wants to make sure students don’t get bored during their weekends on campus, so this program plans events around campus to keep kids occupied. They host movie nights, Halloween parties, and pumpkin painting.

12. Classes for every interest.

The classes at Montclair State are truly incredible. Generally, even in some required classes like Speech and College Writing, take place in small classrooms, giving a much more connected relationship with professors. They have so many classes to offer, so you’ll always have classes you’re interested in.

13. The sports!

Montclair is a Division III, but we still have great sports. When there are soccer games, students even go up to the parking garages to watch the game from a great view. Other than playing for university teams, there are plenty of clubs that offer intramural sports.


14. The teaching program.

Montclair State’s teaching program has been ranked as one of the best in the state, and offers the best program around if you want to go into teaching. You can get your certification in four years, and go for your master’s in five. Montclair helps you get done quickly, while also getting you the best possible education.

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15. The affordability!

Montclair is a highly affordable school, especially for students who are New Jersey residents. But the affordability isn’t at the cost of a good education. Students here still get a great education, but at a good price.



16. The ways to get off campus.

Montclair State offers a “shoppers shuttle” which takes kids to the Clifton Commons, which has a Target, Barnes and Noble, and AMC Theaters. It’s a good way to get some groceries for your dorm, grab a good book, or go with some friends to see a movie.

17. The Greek system.

Montclair State has plenty of opportunities for Greek Life, and they sororities and fraternities support great charities. You truly make great friends for life in the vast sororities and frats, as well as having so many memories to look back on in the future.


18. We have more than one hundred clubs!

Montclair State has more than one hundred clubs to join, so there’s always something to get involved in. They even have a radio club, where you can broadcast to the campus radio station, WMSC 90.3. And, if by chance, they don’t have the club you’re looking for, you can always start one!

19. The Student Center Quad is always active.

If something’s happening on campus, there’s a good chance it’s going down in the Student Center Quad. They have everything from Petting Zoos around mid-terms, to movie nights. It’s a great place to just bring a book and read, or, like some students, set up a hammock.

20. The people!

The students at Montclair State are an amazing group. We all want the same thing: to have an incredible college experience. We join together to make that happen, and get a great education in the mean time.



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