5 Reasons Why Missionary Sex Isn’t As Boring As People Think

5 Reasons Why Missionary Sex Isn't As Boring As People Think

Somewhere along the line, missionary sex got this bad reputation as something that is plain, vanilla, and just downright boring. Sure, it isn’t as exciting as doggy-style or cowgirl, but that doesn’t make missionary sex boring. If it’s good enough for Mila Kunis in Friends With Benefits, it’s definitely good enough for us! While it may not be everyone’s favorite position, it’s one that is versatile and can be really fun if you do it right. If you think you’re on the tamer side of sex position preferences, here are 5 reasons why missionary sex isn’t as boring as people think!

1. Up Close and Personal

Missionary sex is the perfect position if you want to get up close and personal with your partner. Just think about it, you’re face to face which makes it amazing for maintaining intense eye contact with them, it gives you both the perfect opportunity for a steamy makeout sesh at any point during sex (which is something that everyone’s always down for), and you just feel a general closeness to them. Want to really leave your mark and dig your nails into their back? You can do that with missionary sex! Want to run your fingers through their hair? You can do that too! Are you really into neck kissing, either giving or receiving? This position is your best friend. If there was a sex position that feels like the epitome of catching feelings or falling in love, it’s missionary sex.

5 Reasons Why Missionary Sex Isn’t As Boring As People Think

2. You Can Both Feel Like You’re In Control

Whether you like being the one in control or being controlled, there’s a possibility for both with missionary sex. Your partner will literally feel like the one in charge and overpowering you because they’re on top of you. However, you both have a say over how fast, intense, or deep they’re going. Want them to go deeper or slower? Pull them closer towards you. Don’t want them to thrust so hard or go faster? Push them away a little bit, which limits their reach but also allows them with more mobility to go faster. The power is in both of your hands.

3. You Can Really Spice Things Up

Is it getting hot in here or is it just… all the different elements that you can add to missionary sex? Think of this position like chicken or tofu, by itself it can be pretty bland but adding some seasoning will take it to the next level. Want to get a little hot and heavy? Your partner can pin your arms down, or better yet, they can tie them together or to the headboard. This is also a great position for your partner to choke you if you’re into that. Can you imagine? Choking with a side of deep eye contact? And to think some people have the audacity to call missionary sex boring.

5 Reasons Why Missionary Sex Isn’t As Boring As People Think

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4. It’s A Great Starting Off Point

Whether this is your first or a hundred time sleeping with someone, missionary sex can be a great position to ease your way into other ones. Think of missionary as your comfiest sweater, it’s almost always foolproof, and it can make you feel safe and at ease because it’s such a classic. Your partner can turn you over so you’re in doggy-style, pick you up and be against the wall, or switch so that you’re on top now. Regardless of where your night ends, missionary is a great place to start.

5. It’s Perfect For A Lazy Night

Let’s face it, you’re probably exhausted from a long day at work or school and all you want is to lay in bed and go to sleep. But there’s something about your partner tonight that just makes you want to rip their clothes off. What do you do? Missionary sex. It’s perfect for the nights where you just want to lay down and let your partner do most of the work. You can have the cake and eat it too!

5 Reasons Why Missionary Sex Isn’t As Boring As People Think

What are your thoughts on missionary sex? Does it have a bad rep and is it justified? Let us know in the comments below!

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