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5 Reasons Why Making Mistakes As A Young Adult Is Okay

Being a young adult can be tiresome. Everything you do is scrutinized, especially in the society we live in today, and with everything being watched, especially with social media, it is almost impossible to make a mistake, but it is important to understand that everyone will make a mistake at least once in their lifetime.

Mistakes are a part of your life! They are suppose to happen, especially as a young adult. Even though it may be hard to admit you made a mistake out loud, you should learn to understand that you made one in all situations.

Even as a young adult myself, I am always making minor mistakes, but I take these mistakes for the future and learn from them as time goes on because without them I wouldn’t be who I am today. I can say that it is hard in the beginning to admit that you made a mistake, but once you do admit that, then that is when you truly feel growth.

1. No One Is Perfect

There is no such thing as perfect. Never will, never has. So why do you think that you making a minor mistake is the end of the world? You may try to be perfect, but it impossible, and you will fail to do so, and that is perfectly fine! Everyone has flaws, and everyone makes mistakes, even your favorite celebrities, and Queen of England makes mistakes. Without mistakes, how do you expect to learn and grow as an individual?

2. Mistakes Don’t Dictate Your Life

Why do you think that a mistake you made can dictate your life? Every mistake that you make in life is a lesson that you will always look back on, but just because you look back on it doesn’t mean its a scar or stain on your life.

Mistakes are not always end all be all, we just tend to look at it as such because we lack the foresight in looking towards a better future. Not every choice we make in life will be the perfect one, and our predecessors are a good example of that. The Wright brothers made mistakes but today because of their sacrifice we can fly all the globe without a second thought. Mistakes simply make you stronger.

3. Generation to generation

It is better to make mistakes as a young adult to teach the younger generation not to do the same thing. If there is a certain mistake that made you regret doing it as a young adult, you can take those life lessons to teach the younger generation.

Experience is something we forget the actual definition of. When you make a choice in life whether it be a good choice or a mistake, that event gets ingrained in you. The things we pass down as tradition comes from someone who came before us experiences. You know without having to experience it that fire burns and don’t want to stick your hand in it or you receive the consequence, a burn.

It’s nothing better than to be able to fix something early on, than have to wait to last minute to worry about it, and next thing you know it becomes a repetition.

4. Comfortability

Most people get too comfortable because they don’t want to make mistakes, but they realize later that the mistake they made was getting comfortable. The only way you can progress in life is by going out and making mistakes because if you don’t make mistakes as a young adult, then you won’t get the experience. In order to be comfortable, you have to be uncomfortable, and this is a life lesson that should be learned early on, rather than too late.

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5. Growth

Without mistakes we wouldn’t be able to grow. Growth is how we move on and up in the world. Without growth, we’d still be the same person without any life lessons to teach us. A lot of people are scared of growth, and there are good reasons to be because it forces to become uncomfortable, and as a I said earlier, you have to be uncomfortable to be comfortable. By making a mistake as a young adult , it teaches you fix it and move on, and helps you reflect on the previous decisions you made.

Mistakes will teach you more valuable life lessons then not making a mistake does. You may ask, how is that possible? Well, think of something you did that you regret and how the situation turned out. You now know that you won’t make that same mistake in the future, and if it was to happen you know how to properly take care of the situation.

All in all, with being a young adult we have the world ahead of us, so there is no reason to get worked over a mistake that will eventually not matter anymore. Life is about trying and fixing things over and over, even if it may be the same thing, we can take what you learned the first and apply it for any other time.

As long as you strive to do better the next time then you shouldn’t be so worried. It’s like taking your drivers test. If you failed the first time are you just going to completely give up and forget about getting your license? No, you’re going to practice what you messed up on the first time, use those experiences to make it better and pass the next time.

The next time you start getting worked up because of a mistake you made, remember to just breathe, and repeat to yourself, “I made a mistake, and that okay”. Next thing you know, it’s ten to twenty years later, you have a family, and that silly mistake you made as a young adult will have you throwing your head back and laughing at it because you’re just in disbelief at how worked up you were.

In what ways have you learned that making a mistake is okay?

Chanel Vaughn

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