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5 Reasons Why Luther From ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Is Trash

5 Reasons Why Luther From ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Is Trash

The Umbrella Academy is one of the hottest new shows on Netflix out right now. If you are like me, you binged it in record time and cannot wait for season 2 to come out. All the characters are amazing, except for Luther. Luther is an actual garbage pail. If you think I’m being too harsh, here are 5 reasons why Luther from The Umbrella Academy is trash.

1. He And His Sister Are Incestuous AF

I knew from the very beginning something was up with Allison and Luther. Maybe I’m very observant or I watch too much television but from the moment I saw the two of them on screen I was very uncomfortable. Like many of The Umbrella Academy audience, I am disgusted. This is pure incest. Ok, some will make the argument that they are adopted but that does not make anything better. Just because they are not blood doesn’t make their relationship any less gross. They were raised as brother and sister from birth. Even the creator Gerard Way had this to say when asked if their relationship was incestuous, “When I first wrote the comic, my answer would have definitely been, “Pfft, not incest! They’re not even related!” But now that I’m forty, I’m like, “Yeah, but they still grew up together. That’s kind of fucked up.”

5 Reasons Why Luther From ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Is Trash

2. “Dad Sent Me To The Moon”

There are literally other things to worry about like idk THE APOCALYPSE than your pointless mission to the moon. Go be sulky somewhere else, there are billions of lives at stake.

5 Reasons Why Luther From ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Is Trash

3. He Only Cares About Allison and Not His Other Siblings

When Klaus reveals their father committed suicide for the sole purpose of reuniting the siblings, he goes to a bar to drink away his sorrows. The rest of the brothers catch up with him and he tells them, “I’m done. With all of it. With him. With you. With this family.” God, dramatic much? As soon as Diego tells him that Allison is in danger he jumps up and races to rescue her. Um where you when your little brother was being kidnapped and tortured? You didn’t even notice he was gone. What kind of Number One and big brother are you?

5 Reasons Why Luther From ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Is Trash

4. Had Klaus Chase After Him and Almost Relapse

After realizing his moon mission was bulls**t he decides to go to a club and get high out of his mind. This leads his little brother Klaus to chase after him. The club turns out to be flooded with drugs. When Klaus finds him, he refuses to leave. Klaus is a drug addict and at the time he was trying to be sober and he was on day two of his sobriety. He almost took some pills until he sees a mirage of his dead lover Dave. Luther is the reason Klaus almost screwed up his sobriety. If Luther didn’t spiral, Klaus would never would have gone into a situation with temptation all around him.

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5 Reasons Why Luther From ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Is Trash

5. Locked Up Vanya and Caused The Apocalypse

Colossal dumb***! Vanya caused the apocalypse because of Luther. It’s clear Vanya has some psychological issues and instead of helping her like Klaus and Diego suggests, Luther decides to be the boss and lock her up. Even Diego said, “Even if you’re right, she needs our help and we can’t do that if she’s locked in a cage.” Because he is so in love with Allison and upset Vanya hurt her he decides to lock her up, even though Allison forgave her and took fault for the whole situation. So you know what happens, Vanya is left alone with her thoughts and goes insane. Picture Matilda, but off the rails.

5 Reasons Why Luther From ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Is Trash

Do you agree with these reasons on why Luther is so trash? Let us know in the comments below!

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