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10 Reasons Why Loyola University Chicago Is The Best School On Earth

10 Reasons Why Loyola University Chicago Is The Best School On Earth

Are you thinking about making Loyola your school? Here's a list of things to consider according to a senior at Loyola.

If you clicked into this article, you’re probably considering attending Loyola. I won’t bullshit you. Loyola isn’t perfect, but it is a great school for the right person. I’ve made a list of ten things I experienced at Loyola to help you decide if LUC is the school for you. Enjoy!

1. The View

I’m not going to lie. The first time I saw the view from behind the lakeshore campus library, I knew I wanted to spend the next three years I had left at Loyola. No matter what time of year it is, the view is breathtaking.

2. Distance to the Beach

The Rogers Park Beach is a 2-minute walk from the Damen Center, and if you decide to take summer classes, it’s a relaxing place to unwind in the warmer months.


3. Reliable Shuttle to the Water Tower Campus

Unlike the Northwestern shuttle that (I’ve heard) only runs every hour, ours runs every thirty minutes. So no matter what time you get to the shuttle stop the bus is usually only 5 or 10 minutes away if not already waiting to whisk you to the Water Tower Campus which cuts twenty minutes off the trip compared to the El.

4. Welcoming Classmates

Everyone I’ve met at Loyola has been super friendly and welcoming to new students. If you’re feeling nervous about meeting new people, I promise, Loyola wolves don’t bite!

5.  Tons of Clubs

Whatever your interests are, Loyola has a club for it! Get involved as fast as you can because it’s the quickest way to feel like you’re apart of the Loyola community.


6. Close to the City

Loyola is located in Rogers Park which is a northern neighborhood about a 40 minute trip from downtown. The nearness to Chicago events is what attracts a lot of students and for good reason. Something fun is always going on and adulting starts as soon as you get on campus!

7.  Cudahy Library

The Lakeshore campus library is a labyrinth of hidden study spaces and hangouts. Take thirty minutes out of your tour and explore the different floors. You probably won’t see it all in one day, but you can try!

8.  Close to Fellow Campuses

Due to the nearness of Depaul and Northwestern, students from each school hang out together, and it’s not uncommon to see a Northwestern student studying on Loyola’s campus or vice versa.

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9.  Liberal’s Paradise

This isn’t surprising since almost all colleges are majority liberal, but Loyola is far left in the beliefs that Professors weave into coursework. It depends on which professor you have, but most of the professors I’ve had have gone off the topic of the class to push their own political ideology.

10. Echo Chamber

There are many reasons why I love my school but this isn’t one of them. Loyola lacks diversity of ways of thinking. Liberals don’t see a problem because all their beliefs are reinforced by equally liberal professors, but as someone who leans conservative, I found the resistance to civil discourse frustrating and outright unAmerican.  They don’t even list Loyola Republicans Club on the get involved page, but if you’re interested, WE EXIST.


11. Professor James Knapp

Professor Knapp teaches English 326, Plays of Shakespeare. Even if you don’t like Shakespeare, the way Knapp teaches the class makes Shakespeare come to life. He talks about the history behind the plays and unearths the true meaning of each play he teaches. Even if you don’t major in English you should take him!

12. Professor Micael Clarke

Professor Clarke is brilliant! She teaches a few courses but specializes in Victorian Literature. I took two classes with her on the subject and both times I was blown away by her knowledge and devotion on and to the subject. She’s entertaining to listen to and witty. If you need a comparison, her wit is along the same lines as Professor McGonagall. Take her if you can!

As you can see, Loyola Chicago is a great school but it’s up to you to decide if it’s right for you. Tell us if we helped in the comments!
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