20 Reasons Why Loyola University Chicago Is The Absolute Best


LUC is the absolute best. Anyone who goes here can agree with this. Nestled in Rogers Park right on Lake Michigan, it has a campus feel with quads and grass and trees. But hop on the red line or on the inter campus shuttle, and you’re downtown at the Water Tower Campus. Loyola truly has the best of both campus worlds. Keep reading for 20 reasons why Loyola University Chicago is the absolute best!

1. Loyola has amazing views.

The campus is incredibly picturesque. Being right on the lake, there’s a beautiful path to take to class. The buildings are all beautiful and picture-worthy and the quads are bright green. But go to the WTC and you have beautiful city views. The cityscape helps you remember that you really do live in this city and are fortunate enough to go to school here.

2. Lakeshore Campus feels like a traditional campus, in a city.

Lakeshore is the main campus. It’s where underclassmen stay, it has the student center, it has a lot of classrooms, it has the dining halls. It’s in Rogers Park, right off Lakeshore Drive if you’re driving, or the Loyola stop on the red line is right by Damen. It has a campus feel while being in one of the greatest cities. It’s very easy to forget that you live in Chicago while sitting out by the lake because it doesn’t feel like the city.


3. Water Tower Campus

Water Tower is the second campus. It’s right off the Chicago stop on the red line, or you can take the shuttle down. The schools of Comm, Education, Business, and Law are down here. There’s a full studio for Comm students to use with green screens and other fancy equipment. It’s located near the Mag Mile and the Water Tower Place.

4. Sister Jean!

Sister Jean is the resident nun here and the coolest nun in the world. Even though she resides in Regis, she can be seen all over campus. Whether it’s in Damen food court or in De Nobli, blessing the new ice cream machine, she’s always somewhere.

5. There are so many bunnies!

This is perfect if you have a pet bunny that you miss, or are just an avid bunny lover. There are so many, hiding in bushes or hopping around the quad. Why there are so many, nobody knows. But also nobody is complaining.



6. Fran

The #1 thing about Simpson Dining is Fran. Her attitude is infectious and uplifting. She always knows what to say, especially if you’re having a bad day.

7. Palm Court!

Located on the fourth floor of Mundelien, Palm Court is the perfect study spot. It over looks all of campus. Whenever someone visits me on campus, I take them here because you get the whole overview. You see the Madonna Della Strada, The IC, the lake, Damen, and Mertz in the distance.


8. Tivo

Tivo, the therapy dog, is a black lab on campus. There’s a Facebook page for Tivo, saying where you can see him around campus. Whether you miss your dog or just want to pet a dog, go to Tivo.

9. Damen Cinema and ((dop))

The ((dop)), or Department of Programming, gets a special shout out. They plan all of the events on campus, from speakers and performers to activities. They also plan the weekly movies on campus in the Damen Cinema.

10. The IC

The IC is one of the newer buildings on campus. Made of all glass with solar powered blinds, it’s another great study spot. It’s one of the newer buildings on campus. It’s located on Lake Michigan, so if you need to pull an all-nighter it’s great to watch the sunset and the sunrise, if you can snag a chair facing the lake.


11. Student Orgs

With so many different orgs, there’s something for everyone. There’s a student-run production company that creates a webseries, there’s several a Capella groups, there’s improv groups, there’s social justice groups, and there’s clubs for different fun interests, like music or movies, and for some majors.

12. LLCs

Living-Learning Communities. Not every LUC student is in one, but some are. I think it makes Loyola great because there’s a chance to connect to people who have a similar mindset to you. There’s FYRE, Leadership for Social Change, GreenHouse, International, Multicultural, Wellness, and Service and Faith this academic year. It’s a great way to connect to other students and to really form a sense of community and it’s great Loyola offers these.

13. Late Night Nuggets!

De Nobli offers late night chicken nuggets which everyone goes crazy for. Unless they’re out, which they have been. But it’s a great late dinner or a pre-bed snack.


14. Loyola Beach

Loyola has a little beach on the lake. Nights with friends, or going solo to catch the sunrise, it’s nice to stick your toes in the sand or to take a dip in the lake. Plus, there’s a little park. This Instagram-worthy place is my favorite reason why Loyola University Chicago is the absolute best.

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15. We’re environmentally friendly!

Loyola is one of the greenest schools in the nation. There’s a greenhouse on campus and the IC blinds are solar powered. Most bathrooms use biosoap, which is made on campus. It’s impossible to find a disposable water bottle on campus. But there are many filtered water fill-up stations located around campus.



16. There’s plenty of entertainment on and off campus.

From the United Center to The Aragon to professional theatre to Second City, there’s a ton of entertainment available for everyone. Whether it’s seeing a concert or watching a musical or seeing an improv show, there’s something to do that appeals to everyone.

17. It’s not a party school.

This may not seem like a perk to some people, but I think it’s great. For days that you feel like going out, there’s other schools nearby that have parties going on. But if you feel like having a low-key Friday or need to cram, you don’t have to worry about disruption on campus.


18. It’s a majority Bio/Pre-med school.

A majority of students on campus are on the pre-med track. It’s a sense of fellowship for those students because they know most of the campus is in the same boat with all of the labs and classes.

19. Rome, Beijing, and Vietnam Centers

For studying abroad, Loyola has a campus in Rome, Beijing, and Vietnam. Whether it’s for a full year or for a semester, it’s available. There’s a chance to go overseas and explore a different country with other students and still get to call yourself a Rambler.

20. The student discounts!

The student discounts are amazing. The strip that goes from the red line station to the mail room has a ton of different little places with a lot of different discounts. From Duncan to Subway to the nail salon, providing students with a discount is the best way to appeal to college students.

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