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5 Reasons Why Living With Your Parents After College Is The Best Idea

5 Reasons Why Living With Your Parents After College Is The Best Idea

After graduating from college, it probably seems like the worst idea in your head to move back in with your parents. You want the same freedom and indepedence you had in college, but you always think that you won’t get that while living with your parents. However, there’s so many upsides to moving back in to your parents’ house! With that being said, here’s why living with your parents after college is the best idea!

1. Save Money

The best part about living at home is not having to pay rent or utilities! You’ll be able to save the money you WOULD be spending on an apartment and put it into a savings account to use for later on down the road. Then, you can get a really nice apartment after saving hundreds of dollars for more than a few months. And it will be so much more worth it than getting a dump of an apartment right out of college just for the chance to move out. So save that money!

5 Reasons Why Living With Your Parents After College Is The Best Idea

2. Free Food

Your mom’s (or dad’s) cooking will always be an added bonus to living at home. You won’t have to spend money on eating out all the time (which is a sore-spot or all us) or on groceries (your parents will be getting the groceries!), so thats extra money being added to your bank account. And you get some delicious food in the process without having to cook! Just help with cleaning up and your mom will stay happy 🙂

5 Reasons Why Living With Your Parents After College Is The Best Idea

3. Extra Loving

Being home will have your parents thrilled, so they’ll want to show you extra loving since you’ve been gone for so long! They won’t necessarily shower you with gifts and throw money at you, but the extra love will feel good when you’ve been going through the stress of college for so long. You’ll let your mom baby you again and take care of you just to get some more loving in before you have to move away for a job opportunity. So let the extra loving happen!

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4. Quality Time

Not only do you get extra loving from your parents, you’ll get to have some more quality time with them as adults. You’re not a kid anymore and it’ll show your parents how much you’ve matured since going through college. The relationship you have with your parents as adults will be important throughout the years and as they get older, they’ll appreciate the time they got to have with you because you moved back in with them after you graduated. So spend that quality time with them!

5 Reasons Why Living With Your Parents After College Is The Best Idea

5. Able To Reassess Your Long-Term Goals

Being home gives you lots of time to think about what you really want from life. And the best part is that you’ll have the best counselors in the same house! Your parents are the ones who know you best, so when you’re in a tough situation, you can always go to them and talk. You can always bring up your long-term goals and talk about how you’re going to accomplish them and your parents will always help you along the way if they know what your goals are. Confide in your parents and sometimes, they’ll bring up great ideas on how these goals can become reality!

Take a chance on your parents and move back in with them! Its really not that bad and most of the time, they stay out of your way so you can do your own thing. Just keep in mind, the job search doesn’t stop once you move back into you old room!

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