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10 Reasons Why It’s So Hard To Pull An All-Nighter

10 Reasons Why It’s So Hard To Pull An All-Nighter

10 Reasons Why It’s So Hard To Pull An All-Nighter

Pulling an all-nighter isn’t as easy as some people make it out to be; in fact, many have never made an attempt to pull one in their life – and don’t care to try. But for those who are struggling – yet wish to master it – so that they can accomplish more throughout the night, these 10 reasons of why it’s so hard can serve a guide.  

1. Your Body Simply Isn’t Used To It. 

You’ve been following the same routine – or schedule – for quite some time now which has caused your body to fully adjust to what it’s been trained. In turn, all-nighters become a lot more difficult for you – as you are forced to fight sleep in an unnatural manner. Fortunately, if you break the cycle bit by bit – or have one late night out – it has the potential to mess up your sleep schedule completely and cause you to stay up later than you would normally. 

2. You’ve Had An Extremely Busy Day. 

Maybe your day was filled with school, work, or a special occasion; even off days seem to be way busier than they should at times. In turn – no matter what your day may have included – a jammed packed day makes for a tired you. That’s why staying up late into the night – following such – is nothing but exhausting. 

3. You’re Already Sleep-Deprived As-Is.

You’ve been running on what either seems/feels like no sleep, or you are running on no sleep; in turn, it’s one or the other, but when it comes to the latter – and you’ve endured a couple of days without rest, or only a couple short hours of sleep, you’ll definitely begin to notice a difference in yourself. This change alone is enough for you to want to get the shut-eye you need – because the last thing any of us want to be is sleep deprived. 

10 Reasons Why It's So Hard To Pull An All-Nighter

4. You Haven’t Had A Late Night Nap. 

One of the most effective ways that you can pull an all-nighter is by taking a nap, late in the evening; this gives you a boost of energy so that you are able to stay up late into the night without feeling as weary as you might have normally. When you don’t have this, however, it increases the amount of stress/strain on your body. 

5. You Work Days. 

Days can pose as one of the busiest times within our lives – but this is especially true for those who have incredible long workdays. This goes for those who don’t have the normal 9-5, or 8-4 but are instead kept busy by working doubles. If you are one of these people than it’s completely understandable why pulling an all-nighter is hard – especially when you wouldn’t dream of doing one in the first place. 

6. You Have No Caffeine. 

Maybe you don’t like to rely on caffeine to keep you awake – or maybe you’re out of your weekly coffee all together; either way, this can make it a lot more difficult for you to endure through the night. That’s why a wide range of individual drink espresso-related beverages, energy drinks, soda, and other such items when they begin to feel groggy. In doing so, they are able to give themselves a boost of energy so that they can power through the rest of the night. 

10 Reasons Why It's So Hard To Pull An All-Nighter

7. Your Soft Bed Lures You Into Its Trap. 

As kids it seemed so simple to be able to pull an all-nighter with the utmost grace; in fact, it didn’t take much work for us to stay up way past bedtime – secretly – even if we were just lying in our beds, and staring at the star-shaped wall stickers above. Now all we have to do is simply lie down, and then we’ve suddenly drifted off to sleep within a matter of minutes; it hasn’t even reached midnight. 

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8. You Aren’t Who You Used To Be. 

As kids we were constantly full of energy; we would play outside for hours on end, yet still, return unphased by all the activity that had just taken place. But adulthood changes things; before we could swing for hours, skateboard, ride bikes, and so on, but now we find ourselves exhausted to even get up for class in the morning – let alone pull an all-nighter. 

9. You Start To Watch A Movie But Pass Out Ten Minutes In.

We’ve all been guilty of this – and if you’re anything like me then you know that this is more than just a one-time thing; the fact of the matter is that it has become a regular part of who you are. Yet, even so, you always seem to convince yourself that you’ll actually stay awake this time – that’s until the couch scoops you up into a dream-filled abyss. Not only that, but you find yourself getting more and more frustrated each and every time that you wake up to look at the clock – upset with how quickly you happen to fall asleep. All-nighter who? 

10 Reasons Why It's So Hard To Pull An All-Nighter

10. No One Is Awake To Keep Your Company. 

You think your phone is dry in the daytime until the late hours of the night begin to creep in; in doing so, you realize that you are only left to you and your thoughts – as everyone else you know is sleeping away peacefully. During this time, I, myself, wonder who else is awake – at the exact time I am – in this great big world of ours. In turn, your thoughts eventually land you into a deep sleep before you’ve had the chance to stay up throughout the course of the night; if it’s not that then it will be the boredom that comes with having no one to keep you company at that moment. 

We hope that these 10 reasons why it’s so hard to pull an all-nighter help you to better understand why it’s so difficult for your body to stay awake throughout the night. Don’t forget to share – and let us know your thoughts – in the comments below! 

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