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10 Reasons Why I Wish I Grew Up Literally ANYWHERE But Brockton, MA

Growing up in Brockton, MA really stinks! Yeah it’s my hometown but that doesn’t mean I have to love it. The only thing we take pride in is the annual county fair, The Brockton Fair. There’s literally no other reason to love this, in my opinion, small-town city. Here are 10 reasons why growing up in Brockton was the worst.

1. Everybody Knows Everybody

You can’t talk to a person because most likely they’ll already know what you’re going to say because somebody else told them. Everybody’s related too, it’s so weird and annoying. If you held a family reunion for the ******* family ninety percent of Brockton would show up. I guarantee it.

2. Main Street Is Busy and Looks Gross

It’s very crowded and just looks dirty. It hasn’t changed a bit since I was a kid. Just stay away from Main Street… and the south side.

3. Brockton High Was So Clique-y

Then again isn’t very high school in the world. The only thing we didn’t do was things kids in the Mid-West did like stuff people in lockers and give swirlies. Honestly, who does that?

4. Being Regarded As A Dangerous City

Ok, some parts of the city aren’t safe but that’s all cities everywhere. I grew up and still to this day live on the east side, where its quiet and virtually nothing happens. Thank God.

5. The People On The West Side Drive Like Jerks

There are three places in this world I hate driving: Medford, Downtown Boston, and the freaking west side of Brockton! Nobody lets you go and everybody’s so aggressive! Why the heck is everybody in such a rush to almost hit you with their car?

6. The Westgate Mall Sucks

It’s one floor and it doesn’t even have a damn food court. And they just shut down their Macy’s, what’s up with that? They just opened up a Burlington and Planet Fitness to ease the pain, but no! Mediocre Burlington and second location of Planet Fitness will not heal our souls from losing Macy’s. Everybody and their mothers just goes to the Braintree Mall anyways. It’s way better with all of the stores in Westgate and then some.

7. The Fake Gang Members

Sit down and go do something with your life other than having the Feds and Brockton Police Gang Unit go raiding houses. Brockton isn’t hard at all stop trying to keep up the facade that we are. This is why people always gasp and clutch their pearls when we say we’re from Brockton.

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8. The Walmart On Oak Street Sucks

If you grew up in Brockton, you know the one in Avon is way better and it’s just the truth. Even if I didn’t live closer to the location in Avon, I would still go out of my way to go there anyways. The one on Oak Street doesn’t even have self scan registers! Get with the times!

9. The BAT Bus Is The Absolute Worst

Who the heck thought it was good idea to have one bus for each route every hour on the hour? Some parts of the city, like mine you have to wait at the Bat Center for an additional 25 minutes for what reason? I have no clue. Also the bus around my house stops running at 6. And don’t even get me started on the long one-hour ride to Ashmont!

10. Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Here

Brockton is just boring.

If you grew up in Brockton, MA and want to add some reasons why it stinks, let us know in the comments below!

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