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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To University of Oregon

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To University of Oregon

University of Oregon is a great school to attend. Game days, therapy dogs and other perks are found on UO. Here is why I chose to go to University of Oregon

Senior year is romanticized as the year you get to finally chill out. Surprise! It’s the complete opposite! With the pressures of college, it’s easy to apply to many without even knowing what college you actually want to go to. My “dream college” changed over five times during my high school career and to be honest, University of Oregon wasn’t on my radar. After getting accepted and looking into the school, I realized it was perfect for me! Here is why I chose to go to University of Oregon!

1. The overwhelming school spirit ruffles our rivals feathers.

It’s no secret that UO has an amazing sports program (D1 football, Track Town, USA, or Final Four in Men’s Basketball, anyone?). I personally was not gifted with the ability to play sports; but I absolutely love dressing up in my schools colors and losing my voice with the rest of the school. The cheers and adrenaline that come with a close game is unmatched. #scoducks

2. A good cliche, especially in a campus, is super fly.

Most of the schools I applied to were big city schools. It wasn’t until I visited Eugene that I realized I wanted a traditional campus. You can get from one side of campus to the other in 15 minutes if you speed walk. With dorms, restaurants and 13th Ave, there’s no need to leave campus (aside from walking to Auzten Stadium on game day). UO has a healthy mix of old (ex. Deady Hall) and new (Lillis Business Complex) buildings. I walk around campus pretending I’m in a ABC show about college, living out all of the college cliches.

3. The political views float my boat.

UO is known to be one of the most liberal colleges in America (#29 to be exact). It’s important to go to a school that reflects your views. I agree with almost everything my school stands for. Petitions and protests are no stranger to UO. Surrounded by people who have the same values and morals as you is comforting. If you’re a “Nasty Woman” or a supporter, the University of Oregon might be the place for you.

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4. The Duck Nest is all it’s quacked up to be.

I tend to get stressed easily and forget to take care of myself sometimes. University of Oregon has a health center, The Duck Nest, which focuses on taking care of students. Not only are there yoga classes and meditation, but there’s coloring too! The Duck Nest offers aromatherapy – a huge plus. The clincher however are the THERAPY DOGS! Twice a month The Duck Nest brings dogs on campus during the winter term to relieve stress.

5. If you’re a little scared about leaving the nest, go to UC Oregon.

College is all about trying new things and for me, that included moving out of California. Oregon is only a 14 hour drive and you still have the coast and mountains. Since so many Californians end up attending UO, it’s nicknamed “UC Oregon.” Eugene is a nice change of pace from the busy city life in LA. While the stigma can get a little frustrating, it’s nice to know that you moved out of the state.Especially the fact that you can attend your morning class and be back home with your family by dinner.

Even though I fell in love with the University of Oregon, doesn’t mean you have to too. Visit the campus and take the time to look at other schools. It sounds cliche, but you’ll know what school is right for you. As soon as I finished my tour, I committed to UO. I knew I belonged. Hopefully, I’ll see you walking around campus as a fellow duck! Comment below!
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