5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To University Of Illinois At Chicago

If you’re thinking about going to school at the University of Illinois at Chicago, there is so much that the campus has to offer. Not to mention, there’s a lot of degrees to pursue as well! Here’s some reasons why I chose to go to UIC!

1. The university is located in the city

This may sound like just any fact a college student would say, but I was raised in Chicago so I knew that I needed to be in a school that was located in the city. Moreover, I knew I wanted to complete my undergraduate years in my home city, so when I was looking for a new college based in Chicago with all the criteria I was searching for UIC came up. There are various points in the campus, where the Chicago skyline is visible and great for Instagram.


2. All the students are extremely friendly.

This is my first semester at UIC, so on my first day of classes, I got lost. Actually, till this day I still get lost on my way to classes or meetings. But all the students that I have encountered have been so welcoming and kind hearted that they have even taken me to the building where I have class.

3. UIC is a state school.

Transferring from a private Catholic university based in Chicago, I knew that I wanted to attend a university that had a big campus and school spirit. UIC has countless clubs, sports teams, sororities, and fraternities that students can join. Their events are always occurring in Student Center East or on the quad, where any student can participate.

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4. There is a certain energy looming on the campus

I am huge on energy and how every individual can have a good energy or bad energy and how that manifests with their intentions. Here at UIC, all the student body comes together to create this big energy. Moreover, the energy is positive with hints of happiness and excitement. All the students are here to learn, but also to be a part of a group whether that is in Greek Life or in a club.

5. The commute to UIC is my own little escape

You’re probably asking, “what does this have to do with you wanting to attend UIC?” Well, I am a commuter, so I have to take two trains on the CTA to get to campus. On my way to school, I get to see most of downtown Chicago and various cultural neighborhoods. Usually, on my commute, I put on my headphones and I listen to podcasts or music. I can reflect on my day or week, but I tend to just daydream the entire way. Majority of the students who attend University of Illinois at Chicago are commuters as well, so in a sense, it is part of the student life.

Did these reasons convince you to go to the University of Illinois at Chicago? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Melyssa Guzman

Melyssa Guzman is communications major at UIC. She enjoys reading romantic novels and binge watching shows on Netflix. Melyssa adores her three dogs, two chihuahuas and a yorkie. She is a Libra who loves to engage in moon rituals and learn about healing crystals. You can follow Melyssa on her Instagram at Melyssa.1997

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