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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To UF

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To UF

There are so many reasons why I chose to go to University of Florida, these were the most glaring points that left me super excited to attend the school.

There’s a lot of thought that goes into choosing a university, and for me, the goofball I was, getting acceptance letters meant stressing hard over the right decision to make. Going on a UF tour may not have gotten me any points on Raise.Me but it sure did settle a firmer connection with the school and after many nights crunching numbers and sending random former-freshman questions, I realized that my bond with the university was absolutely cemented. Although there are so many reasons why I chose to go to University of Florida, when it really came down it, these were the most glaring points that left me super excited to attend the school.

1. It’s a life-changer, academically and cost-wise!

University of Florida has research-money by the boatloads funneling into the school! One of the leaders in STEM areas and business fields, it offers not only amazing opportunities academically but is a slap to the pocket compared to the slam of massive debts most people are hit with in college. According to a recent Forbes articles, UF ranked 4th in a list of America’s best value colleges, being “the South’s only school in the top 10.” Uh, whaaaaattt?!? Not to be a little money-obsessed but the pocket change that can be saved from getting a full education like the one UF provides is kind of a dream come true.

2. City(-ish) girl goes country– but not really (aka, location is bomb)

I was deterred by the hustle and bustle of larger cities that could suffer from cramped space and the sudden phenomenon of hating people. Not to say I don’t already have that but who would want to increase that feeling? Gainesville is not only a completely different place from my suburban neighborhood but it’s also not completely at all! It’s a great combination of an artistic, quiet scene combined with downtown flair and intrigue. The restaurants are superb, the atmosphere welcoming, and those make for a great experience.





3. A place for Night Owls and Study Fanatics

There are so many friggin’ libraries and they’re so big and full and I love books. I just love books so much, and picking the perfect place to hideaway and interact people over textbooks and volumes written by deceased white men was really essential in my pick of college. But not only are the libraries wide and different… But Midnight Cookies exist. So many late-night dives exist but. Midnight Cookies. Freshman 15 is a rumor well-tested; I might as well gain in style and substance than on cheap drive-ins, right? Right.



4. Screaming myself hoarse with SCHOOL SPIRIT

I’ve had spirit privately. Mostly over futbol. Yeah, the non-American one. But with my introduction to UF, yeah, I can see the appeal of absolutely going crazy over a school’s team. It goes beyond that, though! The people that have gone to UF are uniquely insane. They wear the school colors casually, they participate in everything, and their voices somehow gain the strength and resilience to survive past every game, event, etc. If there’s something that I love, it’s passion, and UF has it in spades. In lakes. As big as its campus, and then some.


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5. The perfect blend of isolation, new experiences, and challenge

Every time I see someone from my high school outside of a classroom setting, I panic. There’s a lot of cringing involved. Nerves make my stomach churn and an irrational anger at my decision to even be outside of my home makes me want to turn tail and bolt. I wanted to go somewhere not everyone would be going to further my status as a hermit-alumni, but still be able to see faces I could recognize- just not in abundance- combined with whole new people. go to University of Florida

Also, Greek life is burgeoning in the University of Florida. With that, the plugs businesses put in, and easy community, finding a niche with old friends to make brand new ones enticed me. But the promise of a challenge? That’s a clincher. I wanted to go to a university that would propel me forward, encourage growth in my maturity and mind. Not only is the cast of professors there talented and varied, but I know that’ll be tough. And that’s what makes me especially excited.




University of Florida is sort of a dream come true? And for a person as hopeless as myself, being able to embark on these new journeys and experiences thrills me. These reasons and more contribute to why I chose UF, and I can’t wait to be eaten up by the  #Gatorculture.

Do you have any reasons to go to University of Florida? Let us know in the comments below!
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