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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To The University of Wisconsin La Crosse

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To The University of Wisconsin La Crosse

There are so many reasons why I chose to go to the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. From the community, to the small class sizes, it's the best!

Having transferred universities not once, but twice, I know how difficult it can be to find the school that truly matches up with your interests and aspirations. Transferring most recently as a junior one year ago, I learned how important it is to truly consider every aspect of a university. Finding my perfect school in the University of Wisconsin La Crosse (UWL) has been amazing. And enrolling there was one of the best decisions I made. Here are just 5 of many reasons why I chose to go to the University of Wisconsin La Crosse to finish my education.

1. It’s All About the Community

While the friendly people of La Crosse and the campus community make it an amazing place, the city itself is full of life. It’s impossible to feel bored there! There’s so much to do in the city, from shopping at unique local stores downtown, eating at great restaurants, or of course making use of the many walking and hiking trails. La Crosse is also a city with beautiful scenery, famous for its bluffs and riverside views. Transferring from a school located far from interesting shops and sceneries, I could not have been more drawn to the city and its endless amount of places to visit!


2. An Amazing Atmosphere

Stepping foot on campus to tour the school at the beginning of my junior year, I was met with smiles and friendly conversation. The La Crosse community is so wonderful and I felt so welcomed the second I arrived in the city. Everywhere you go- whether on campus, downtown, or to the mall, the people are so kind and friendly.
This friendly atmosphere was definitely something I was looking for in a university. On another note, the campus feels incredibly safe and I can walk on campus after a late night class feeling less afraid with the numerous blue-light emergency phone stations situated all over campus. This really secured my decision to attend UWL.


3. Great Opportunities for Students

The University of Wisconsin La Crosse provides students with so many ways to become involved on campus. There’s a student organization for nearly any interest or major on campus, from sports teams and clubs, fraternities and sororities, to awareness groups. The number of ways to involve yourself in different clubs was so intriguing. And I knew they would offer more ways to become involved in the community, and form lasting friendships too.


4. High Quality Degree Programs

There’s a huge amount of major and minor programs to choose from at UWL. I was very drawn to the English Program, and the distinguished faculty and array of English classes drew me to finishing my degree here. No matter what your major is, you’ll have small class sizes where you really get to know your professors and others in your major. It really ensures a quality education.


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5. Small Student Size

The University of Wisconsin La Crosse boasts nearly 10,000 students. It’s the perfect size. It’s big enough that you’ll meet a lot of new people, but small enough that you’ll see a lot of classmates around campus. Classes in the major are fairly small too, making it easier to get to know other students and professors. The smaller student size of UWL was one reason I chose to attend the school over larger universities, as it kept me from being just a number.


This sums up just a few of the reasons that led me to attending the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. It’s a wonderful environment that I’ll be sad to leave upon graduating!

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