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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To SMU

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To SMU

From the beautiful campus to the amazing opportunities the college has to offer, these are the reasons why I chose to go to SMU!

Deciding which university you want to attend can be difficult and stressful. Every university you consider offers different pros and cons. However, Southern Methodist University was a no brainer for me. Here are the 5 reasons I chose to go to SMU and the reasons why it’ll be a no brainer for you too!

1. It’s The Best Of Both Worlds.

You have the city of Dallas in your backyard but you also have the luxury of boulevarding on campus. Coming from a small, private high school in San Diego with barely any school spirit, I knew I wanted to go a university that had amazing game days. At the same time, I also loved growing up in a city and knew I couldn’t go somewhere without nightlife. When I chose SMU, I chose both school spirit and city life.

2. A Picture Perfect Campus.

Southern Methodist University is a picture perfect campus. From Dallas Hall to the dorms and even the library, SMU is beautiful all around. It is a perfectly comfortable place to call home.


3. Brunching Is A Sport Here.

Who doesn’t love brunch? Coming to SMU was the best excuse to “brunch” for any and every occasion, even if it’s just because it’s a Friday. From Villa-O to the Rustic, there are so many great places to brunch here. Sunday brunches are a great way to finish out the weekend and socialize with my peers outside of school.

4. There’s A Tanning Pool.

For all you people from California or Florida, don’t worry about losing the tan you worked all summer to achieve! The campus offers its very own tanning pool with lounge chairs, a great way to relax after class!

5. Spain? Australia? Or Anywhere!

When I was applying to colleges, I knew one key factor was that I wanted to study abroad. Southern Methodist University offers over 150 study abroad programs in 50 different countries. The opportunities are endless to experience other cultures!

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Do you have other reasons you chose to go to SMU!? Share in the comments below!

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