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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To San Diego State University

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To San Diego State University

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To San Diego State University

I’m slowly finishing my last year at SDSU and I’m reflecting back on some memories that I’ve had on campus. I’m also reflecting on why I chose to attend this amazing university. Let’s just say, I don’t regret becoming a part of the Aztec Family. Today, I will share 5 reasons why I chose to go to San Diego State University.

1.Medium Sized Campus

To me, SDSU is the perfect size campus because I’m not required to use a bike, skateboard, or scooter to go around campus. Of course, many students utilize different transportation options to go from one side of the campus to the next side. In my opinion, I think the walking distance from one building to the next building is quite tolerable. Also, who doesn’t love a good cardio workout? If you can’t make time to go to the gym, then take a walk around campus. That is actually one of the many benefits of going to a medium to large size campus!

SDSU Campus

2. SDSU “Gets” Me

One of the most important factors to me as a college student is having a university that understands my educational and career goals. I appreciate SDSU because they have good communication skills with their students. Also, they want to help their students succeed in anyway possible. Every resource center that I’ve been to at SDSU has given me helpful advices on any topics of my interests or concerns. If you have any questions about your educational or career goals, don’t be afraid to ask for help on campus. There are so many resources on campus for you to use so you can fulfill your goals. For example, I recommend the Career Center for opportunities that revolve around finding a job and internships. On a side note, SDSU also offers weekly workshops for students who want to learn more about a specific topic like health and wellness or resume tips.


3. It’s Not Always About their Reputation

It is factual that SDSU is a well-known partying school in Southern California. Some native San Diegans, like myself, have definitely had some mixed feelings about SDSU before we became a part of the family. Despite all of the things that SDSU was known for, I did my own research and I experienced the school myself without having other people’s judgement influence my experience. Fortunately, behind the partying scene, SDSU is definitely a quality university that cares about their student’s education. Did you know that SDSU was ranked No. 60 for the 2019 “Top Public Schools?” Did you also know that SDSU was ranked No.127 in the “National Universities” list in the U.S?

Student Union - SDSU

4. Diversity is Key

One of the major factors that I looked for in a university was diversity on campus. I wanted to be in an environment where it had a mixture of different cultures and ethnicities. For anybody who’s curious on how SDSU promotes their diversity on campus they have held many ocial events. For example, SDSU has an international coffee hour every week. Just to name a few, they have serve Vietnamese, French and Russian coffees. So, you can come every week to try some delicious coffees and meet new people. SDSU is also well-known for their studying abroad programs too. SDSU students have been to Thailand, Switzerland, Italy, and many more countries. According to College Factual, out of 2,718 colleges, SDSU was ranked #126 as being one of the most diverse universities nationwide. Statistically speaking, SDSU is ranked a little above average, which is really impressive! Also, this proves that SDSU wants to continue to grow more diverse as a university.

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5. Trust Your Gut Feeling

As cheesy as this may sound, I simply went with my gut feeling because I didn’t want to overthink my decision. I knew SDSU was going to be my university because I did the proper research from the beginning of my college journey. I also knew some people who had already attended SDSU. Most of them had an amazing experience there, so I knew that I was going to be in good hands for my college education. Next, I felt like SDSU had everything that I was looking for in terms of being near home and offering opportunities that can help me grow as a student. Last but not least, SDSU is a positive and fun environment. The support system here is unbelievable and I appreciate everybody who’s always there for the students. Also, there’s so much fun activities to do on campus that you’ll never get bored of this university.

Have I convince you enough to give SDSU a chance? If so, stop by SDSU and see what our family is all about!

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Why did you go to San Diego State University? Tell us in the comments!

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