5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Ohio State University

It says a lot for a university to turn someone into really appreciating and loving the experience. Here’s how I chose to go to Ohio State University.

For someone whose entire family went to Ohio State including parents, grandparents, and cousins, this was the last school I had planned on going to. I wanted to do my own thing, and not have to listen to all the stories of “Oh, I remember when I was in school…” However, as fate would have it, I am now a third year at THE Ohio State University and not wanting to leave. I’m still not the first person to scream O-H at someone, but it says a lot for a university to turn someone from despising the fact she has to attend to really appreciating and loving the experience. Here’s how I chose to go to Ohio State University.

1. Even though it’s not NYU, it’s still a high achieving university.


As a senior in high school, my aspirations were to attend New York University for my undergraduate. Since I was nine years old, I have dreamt of living in NYC and I thought college would be a fantastic time to do so. However, the cards were not in my favor and I then had to make the decision between Ohio State and 7 other schools (I clearly didn’t know what I wanted in a school besides NYU, so I applied to too many). The problem was that I really didn’t like any of the others and I never had that “moment” or “feeling” whenever I visited a school. So on April 31st, I pressed the accept button for Ohio State and the rest was history. I boiled it down to what I ultimately wanted in a college and it passed the test. The question now is did I make the right decision? Absolutely. The people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had, and the opportunities made available to me are invaluable. In the beginning, I really dreaded the fact that the next chapter of my life would be spent at the same school my father attended, but looking back now, I know it was the right decision. Could I have been just as happy at another university? Probably. But over the years, I’ve learned that location or campus style or distance from home isn’t going to make or break a decision. It’s about what you do with the time you have, how you look at the situation you’re in, and make the most of it. Ohio State has so much to offer and I wouldn’t give up the friendships or the memories I’ve made for NYU any day.

2. It had everything I wanted…it’s just called Ohio State.

Again, having nearly an entire family that has gone to Ohio State in some fashion really turned me off from even applying. But when it came down to deciding and looking at the facts, the school truly had everything I ever wanted. I always say that if the school wasn’t named Ohio State, I would like it a lot more. We have a large student population (45,000 undergraduate students PLUS 1,755 acres of campus…we even have an airport!), a modern landscape (have you seen Fisher College of Business?), and strong academics that rank us 16th among the nation’s best public universities.

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3. A college campus with a city next door.

Being in a city was a huge part of my decision. I wanted to be somewhere where there was always something to do and I’d never be bored. Columbus is the 15th largest city in the nation and is gaining popularity. I love all the cute restaurants, the Columbus Theater, and exploring downtown whenever I can. However, I do really like that campus is separate from the hub of the city, so you get that true college campus feel…especially on game days.

4. It’s far, but not too far.

I’ve always been an independent child growing up and sought out adventure, so when it came to deciding on college, distance was huge. After living in suburbia for 18 years, I wanted something far away that was exciting and new, but wasn’t a pain to travel back and forth from for short breaks. Columbus is a perfect distance from home, because it enables me to drive home for special occasions yet not too close that my parents can pop in at anytime. The drive is about six hours, which is a decent amount of time for some, but after a while you get used to it.

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5. Endless amounts of opportunities.

College is a huge investment in your future and I wanted to set myself up for success when it came to searching for jobs and opportunities. I thought I needed to go to a top tier or ivy league school to attain such positioning, but I found that it’s not necessarily all about where you went to school. It’s about networking. Ohio State has the largest living alumni base with more than 500,000 alumni around the world, so the connections are endless. It will amaze you when you’re standing in the markets of Morocco and pass someone wearing an Ohio State shirt. Also the opportunities as a student are countless. If you want to be a part of a service organization, we’ve got it. Skydiving? We’ve got it. Greek Life? Of course. Want to steal other orgs’ pizzas ? There’s a club for that. And then there’s the more traditional opportunities such as research expeditions, medical studies, hospital co-ops, theater productions, etc. This past summer, I spent 12 weeks in London, England for a co-op program. Opportunity is one thing you will not miss at this school.

Why did you choose to go to Ohio State University?
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