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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Notre Dame

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Notre Dame

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Notre Dame

Getting the opportunity to study at a University like Notre Dame is an incredible one. Every student has such a love for the school, each of them having different reasons for attending ND; but these are the top 6 reasons I chose to go to Notre Dame.

1.  The campus has a feel to it like no other.

Whether you are on God Quad, at The Grotto, in your dorm, or in either the North or South Dining Hall, there is an everlasting tranquility and peacefulness that comes with being on campus. The few pictures below do not capture even a fraction of the beauty that encapsulates the Notre Dame campus.


2.  Notre Dame has a knack for finding the sincerest, kindest, and most caring people to house at the University.

I mean unless you leave your bike unlocked from a rack…then it’ll probably end up in a tree. Students, faculty, admin and the like are both helpful and happy to help. There’s a difference between having just the first or both. It’s also very safe to walk through at late hours of the night (which is nice after a late night of studying 😉).

3.  I can double major in Data Analytics and Chinese, with a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

How’s that for a title? And I prefer to sound just as bad ass as that does.

4.  Studying Abroad is not only available, but strongly encouraged.

Plus, if there’s a program or place you want to take advantage of, and it’s not already an offered program, you can plan it yourself; and the University will work with you to make it a program, so you can still receive credit for doing it.

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5.  The Incredible Alumni Network

I was told a story about a girl who attended ND, whose mother and brother didn’t have the money to fly out and see her, and she was only able to go home once a year. When interviewing for an internship, she ended up telling an alum about her situation, and the woman interviewing her contacted her family and surprised her. She flew the family out and paid for their tickets to the ND-Duke basketball game. Notre Dame alumni go above and beyond for their fellow Irish.

6. The Sports

About 80 percent of Notre Dame students played a Varsity sport in high school, and 70-some percent of those students were captains of their teams. We Irish are crazy about our sports, and of course the tailgating that goes along with it. Notre Dame shows up to compete, and we have great pride in representing those playing!

These are just 6 of my reasons why I chose to go to Notre Dame. What are your reasons? Share in the comments!
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