5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Mizzou

As a freshman, you are asked a lot why you chose Mizzou. There are so many reasons why I chose to go to Mizzou. Many students at Mizzou are Missourians, and therefore coming here wasn’t much of a decision, but a given. Then, there are the few people like me, who are from out of state, and usually have more interesting reasons for choosing Mizzou.

So, why did I come to Mizzou being from Colorado? Truthfully, I never had the slightest intention of coming to Mizzou, but I toured as a high school senior, just as my older brother and sister had done, because both of my parents went to Mizzou, and therefore we were forced to visit thanks to our parent’s Mizzou-pride. I grew up in a Mizzou-household, watching all the games, visiting as a kid, and being a die-hard fan although I didn’t have any reason to be so other than that my parents had gone here. In a sense, Mizzou was my parent’s “thing” which kept me from ever considering going here.

My dad and I came to visit Mizzou during homecoming weekend, which I’m sure he knew was going to easily convince me into coming here. We arrived at Mizzou and the campus was decked out in black and gold, and the streets were full of students and families, all wearing their Mizzou gear. Then we walked through Greek town, decorated with banners, house decks, the floats for the homecoming parade, and students overflowing the streets. We walked through the campus, through memorial and through the quad, all of which were so beautiful on that hot and sunny COMO-day. I was slowly, but surely, falling in love with Mizzou.

We ended up downtown to eat some classic Shakespeares pizza and to watch the parade. Even the downtown was packed with people, and the store and restaurant fronts were all decorated for homecoming. The whole town was so lively and spirited. The football game was crazy insane, packed to the brim with cheering fans. The stadium was striped black and gold, and coincidentally, the sun was setting, leaving a beautiful pink sky hanging over us all. I remember standing there, surrounding by screaming fans, looking out over the energetic stadium, up at the sky and over towards the campus. I felt so happy in that moment, and I knew right then that Mizzou was the place for me.
So, the five reasons why I chose to go to Mizzou?

1. The academics

I am a Textile and Apparel Management major, and this program here at Mizzou is awesome and highly respected. Aside from this, Mizzou has one of the best Journalism schools in the country.

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2. The campus

The campus is absolutely stunning. Also, the campus is very walk-able, unlike many other campuses that are more spread out. A great place to study is at the quad, somewhere on the green grass, looking at the four original columns and beautiful Jesse Hall behind.


3. Homecoming traditions/game days.

Game days at Mizzou are so lively, and full of students, alumni, family, and friends.

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4. The cute downtown area.

The beauty reaches outside the campus, with a cute downtown area that is full of great restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and stores.

5. There is always something fun to do in Columbia.

Whether is it a sporting event, school-sponsored event, the rec, coffee and pastries at a café, shopping on Broadway, or hiking one of the many trails surrounding campus, you never find yourself bored at Mizzou!

 These are the reasons why I chose to go to Mizzou! Let us know your reasons in the comments!
Featured photo source: wikipedia.org
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