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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Iowa State

Iowa State University is one hell of a school, and I’m absolutely in love with my home away from home. Here’s a few reasons why you’ll love ISU.

1. Campus

Have you seen the campus? It is so gorgeous, especially in the fall and spring. There are so many different trees and plants around campus that are absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention trying to spot the albino squirrel keeps campus interesting. It is pretty easy to get around and long as you know the difference between Gerdin and Parks Library. During school time, having central campus full with all the students hustling and bustling around, it’s hard not to love the atmosphere.

2. Close Enough But Far Enough All In One

Living only 45 minutes away from Ames is a blessing in disguise. Many people asked me why I didn’t want to go somewhere so much farther away than only 45 minutes, and the response is easy. Ames is only 45 minutes away form home, which means I can go home and come back to school in one day without running out of gas. It also means my parents don’t have to make a crazy trip anywhere to take me out to lunch and see me. Growing up only 45 minutes away from Ames also means that it’s my home away from home.


3. Big Enough To Not Be Small And Small Enough To Not Be Huge

Iowa State is the perfect size for a college. With about 40,000 students roaming around campus, it’s big enough to feel like a fresh start and to get the college experience. But Iowa State is also small enough to where I could run into an old friend or classmate in the halls of the Memorial Union. Iowa State is the perfect size to give you the opportunities you need to grow as a person and network yourself with new people and occasionally some familiar faces.

4. The People And The Atmosphere

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard anyone say that the nicest people come from Iowa, but it’s true, and more specifically, Ames. Anywhere and everywhere you go, everyone is always smiling. Whether you’re in Starbucks on the corner of Lincoln Way and Washington or at Hickory Park, everyone is so kind. The staff genuinely cares about those entering the college and they provide so many services to help their students succeed.

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5. Tailgating

If you’ve ever been to Jack Trice on game day, you understand what I’m saying when I say holy people. Game days at Jack Trice are some of the best days you have in Ames, regardless to whether our team wins or not. Packing the stadium with people and the games are fun and all, but the tailgate before is where the memories come from. Tailgating on Saturdays isn’t everyone and their families tailgating separately from one another, it’s like we’re all one big family.

Iowa State University is one of the best choices for where to go in Iowa, and if you’re disagreeing you clearly have never been to Ames. It’s one hell of a place, and anyone who has attended school there always wants to go back. I don’t blame them, Ames is perfect.

These were the reasons why you’ll love Iowa State from one student, can you think of any others? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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Lauren Bellis

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