5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Clemson University

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Clemson University

As a college freshman, I know how difficult it is to choose the right school for you. Before even beginning my search process for The Perfect University, I happened to visit Clemson University. I was instantly hooked, and Clemson flew to the top of my list. However, by first semester senior year, after applying to countless schools all over the country, I started to feel clouded. Clemson had gotten lost in rankings, Pinterest dorm photos, and others’ opinions. But when I received my acceptance letter, I knew. Cloudiness subsided, and I chose the school that was always my number one; it was always Clemson, and it still is. Keep reading for the reasons why I chose to go to Clemson University!

1. The Campus

You think I am talking about the redbrick buildings and grassy fields, don’t you? Well, think again. When I say that Clemson has one of the most beautiful and fun campuses in the United States, I’m referring to the people. From the very first tour I did of the school, I could feel the friendship and love that encircled the students. Ok, that sounded cheesy, but now that I am a student, this really rings true.

I always thought walking around campus would mean being lost in a crowd of faces that you had never seen and may never see again. This has been the opposite of my experience at Clemson. Walking to class, I run into AT LEAST one person I know, whether it be a girl from my sorority or someone I met during freshman orientation. People are friendly. If they even remotely recognize you, they will smile or wave. The feeling on campus is inclusive and kind. It makes you feel like an individual, not just a face in a crowd. 

2. The Study Abroad Programs

Everyone knows traveling is important, but there are a lot of students who are scared to actually go for it, myself included. However, at Clemson, there are endless opportunities and frequent encouragement to help students get over the fear of living in a different country. Almost all Clemson students study abroad. No, really! According to the “Rankings and Brags” page on the Clemson website, 95% of seniors have taken part in a study abroad opportunity during their time at Clemson. And if you need more of a reason to go see the world while you’re young, wild, and free, Clemson offers programs that can take you almost anywhere. The university focuses on creating a connection between its campus and other countries, giving students the opportunity to become worldly in more ways than one. 


3. The Spirit

I didn’t understand the hype around college football when I came to Clemson. I had heard about Clemson games and the hype videos that gave students tingles, thrilled to cheer on the Tigers. But, from afar, I didn’t really understand it. That all changed my first Clemson Football Saturday in Death Valley.

Not only is Clemson currently ranked number two for college football in the country, but they’re also known for their Saturday game traditions. If you want to experience the most exciting 25 seconds of college football, head over to Death Valley. Beginning with a video starring recently graduated QB Deshaun Watson and ending with the entire football team running down The Hill surrounded by cheering students, you WILL feel an unbelievable excitement. The feeling of being in the student section during those 25 seconds is unexplainable. The spirit on Game Day is special. Students are truly psyched to call themselves Tigers. 

4. The Library

Nerdy as it may sound, Cooper Library is another reason I chose Clemson University as my home. I mean, just look at the picture bellow. Even during those finals week, 3 AM, coffee-filled, delirious nights, students can look outside the wall of windows and see a stunning array of fountains. As if a library couldn’t get any more fun, there is even a mini Starbucks for all of your Pumpkin Spiced needs as you struggle to push through Hour Seven of studying. Whether you need to get that paper done or solve the theory of relativity, Club Coop is the place to be.

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5. The Alumni and Current Students

Clemson University students and alums are some of the most enthusiastic and excited people you will ever meet. This was the strongest thing that ever drew me to the school. When you meet a Clemson student or alum, you are going to get their life story followed by the most common phrase I hear out of any Clemson Tiger’s mouth: “If I had to make the decision again, I would choose Clemson a million times over.” The alumni and students are so passionate about their experiences and are always willing to share them with a prospective student. More than anything, once you choose Clemson you are a Tiger. And once a Tiger, always a Tiger. 

So, I guess it really is true what they say, you know, there is something in These Hills. Don’t believe me? Come by campus and see for yourself. You will be hooked, just like I was two years ago.

Can you relate to the reasons why I chose to go to Clemson University? Comment below!
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