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10 Reasons Why Having A Pet Is Necessary When Single

10 Reasons Why Having A Pet Is Necessary When Single

10 Reasons Why Having A Pet Is Necessary When Single

There are many stresses in our everyday life that having a pet can cure. We look for people or substances to make the pain of alone going away temporarily. But, you must ask yourself, is this healthy? Substance, no, as far as people are concerned, it is hard to find someone who is genuine.  Not a pet. Animals are natural genuine and natural stress relievers when around them. Ever saw a cute little puppy out on the street? Remember how warm and fuzzy you felt just by looking at it? You may not have a person by your side to help you through the tough times, but your pet will follow you everywhere. Here are a few reasons why you should have a pet while single.

1. Lowers Stress

First things first, having a pet can lower your stress levels. Imagine coming in from a hard day’s work and seeing your pet beyond excited once you walk through that door. It is like all of your problems go away instantly.


2. Keeps You company

If you are feeling lonely and don’t have a human body to comfort you, your pet will surely sense your need for affection and jump into your lap. Cooking in the kitchen working up a good meal? There’s your little best friend watching you from afar as you dance around in your own world. Sitting around watching your favorite show on the sofa, there’s your pet at your feet watching it with you.

3. Look forward to Seeing

The greatest thing about having a pet is the fact that they give you the anxiety to get home, and I mean good anxiety. Their energy and love for you make you want to come home and spend time with them. Literally, your pet makes your heart smile.

4. Can keep you on your toes

Catering to your pet, making sure their well-fed and groomed is a chore of its own. Getting home at a certain time to make sure that they have eaten and taken out to the bathroom is real. They are like your child. You have to take care of them.


5. Listen to you when you vent

I mean really they have no choice. You think they don’t listen to you because they are animals but that is just not true. They hear you and when you are babbling your problems away to their little ears, you feel a lot better afterward. Having a pet can really be like therapy.

6. Exercise

Your dogs need to be walked. I only say dogs because I’ve never seen anyone walk anything else. It keeps them healthy and active along with keeping your health up and right. Having a pet kind of makes you get out of the house, especially if you have a bigger dog. Those Huskies need to be walked or else they’ll start tearing up your house. Pets get antsy just like humans.


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7. Entertainment

We have all seen the television shows! Having a pet can be funny! The little things they do can turn your average day into a better one. After all, they’re just being themselves, in their own little world as well. Can you catch your pet slipping doing some crazy stuff?


8. Stranger Danger

I’m sorry, but am I the only that feels that pets have this sixth sense of knowing who’s a prick up front? If your pet doesn’t like someone, I’d take that as a red flag. Let’s say you finally go out on a date with someone you just met and it just so happens they make it up to your apartment. If your pet doesn’t go near them or keeps barking at them, whatever the case may be, red flag! Pets are real live human asshole detectors. Listen to them.

9. Loves you Unconditionally

They will never leave you unless you chose to leave them. Your pet will never deceive you unless you deceive them. Their love for you is deeper and sweeter like a child to its mother. Your little trooper will look to you for love and nurturing. Give it to them and they shall return the favor.

10. Never forget who was there

Let’s say that this single spell is over and you have gotten yourself a partner that you love very much. For some odd reason, they don’t like your pet and they make you choose between them. Whose it gonna be? I hope you chose the pet because that person wasn’t with you shooting in the gym with all your fussing and loneliness. By the way, if your partner really loves, they’ll love your little monster as well.


Having a pet while single is highly recommended so you’ll stop stressing over something other than yourself. How does your pet make you feel? Let us know in the comments down below.

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