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10 Reasons Why Going To College In Dallas Will Change You Forever

10 Reasons Why Going To College In Dallas Will Change You Forever

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Texas is big and bold–an unapologetic home to BBQ, cowboy hats, and longhorns… or so the stereotype says. In reality, pushing those preconceived notions aside and heading to college in Dallas is one of the most rewarding, exciting, and ultimately life changing choices you can make.

1. You’ll take a side in the In-n-Out vs. Whataburger debate.

In-n-Out vs. Whataburger. The country’s most hard hitting, high profile debate of our time. Dtown is home to both, and you’re expected to have a strong opinion on one over the other. Spoiler: In-n-Out wins.


2. No mall will ever measure up to Northpark.

Northpark isn’t just a mall. Northpark is a way of life. Go to Sephora, lululemon, Victoria’s Secret, and Urban, then grab Snappy Salads to finish off your day. Bonus points if you brunched at Breadwinners beforehand. Nothing can possibly beat this place.

3. Food anywhere else just won’t be the same.

Dallas has an incredible range of restaurants. Wherever else you go, you’ll always find yourself saying, “This is good, but not as good as the one I had in Dallas.”



4. You’ll never want to drive further than 15 min for anything again.

Everything in Dallas is a short uber away. You have a Trader Joes, SoulCycle, lululemon, plus unlimited bars and restaurants all within a 2 mile radius of where you live. How do people survive in the suburbs?


5. Your standards for Insta will go up exponentially.

Literally everything about Dallas is aesthetically pleasing. Living in this city means that there’s no excuse for subpar pics.



6. Your bank account will constantly be hovering below $50.

Easy access to incredible stores 24/7 also inevitably means that you’ll constantly be calling mom and dad for money. Good luck trying to figure out how to buy a new outfit for Friday night, pick up some leggings at lululemon, and grab dinner at Mi Cocina all in one afternoon.

7. You’ll develop a strange fondness for country music.

When I first got to Texas, I adamantly despised country music. However, throughout my time here it’s slowly found its’ way on to a couple of my Spotify playlists. When Wagon Wheel comes on on the boulevard, just go with it.


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8. Anywhere north of Georgia will feel like the Arctic tundra from September-June.

Texas will give you a year round sun kissed glow, and in turn will get you used to 90 degree temperatures for the majority of the year. 60 degrees? What is this, Canada?

9. You’ll become appreciative of drivers in your home state.

Do Texans even have to take drivers ed? Driving on the highways here will actually make you fear for your life. Your home state will seem incredibly tame next to these Nascar wannabes.


10. Your concept of Texas will be changed forever.

While I’m sure you can find a guy wearing a cowboy hat somewhere, Dallas puts Texas stereotypes to rest. Uptown is trendy and chic, home to fun clubs, bars, and unique restaurants–one of my favorites being Pōk (started by SMU grads!). The warm weather, great food, and exciting range of activities available will make you fall in love with Dallas in a heartbeat.

What else is there to love about college in Dallas? Let us know down below!
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