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10 Reasons Why Going To College In Boston Will Change You Forever

As a native of Washington D.C. and forever lover of NYC, I love the hybrid-city that is Boston. Full of life, color, and everything in between, beautiful Boston is a vibrant city that I just cannot get enough off. So, in true obsessive fashion, I have curated a top ten list of why going to school here is the best decision you’ll ever make.

1. Prudential Center

Love shopping or miss walking around your local mall? Well, the Prudential Center is your one stop shop for clothes, food, and everything in between. Although their stores may be on the pricer side, its fun to walk around the maze of a mall, looking up and the glass ceiling to stare at the top of the Pru. And if that does not convince you, then I have a little exciting fact that might just. The Prudential Center allows dogs. Yes! Thats right! You could be window shopping next to the fuzziest companion ever. Its a place you would not want to miss.

2. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Talk about the most beautiful museum/place I have been ever been too. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a fantasy land in reality. With its live music, greenery climbing the stone walls, and sense of peace, this museum is a dream come true.

3. The Boston Opera House

The theater is always a fun place to go to except reality and enter a different world. The Boston Opera House offers that and more. From hosting amazing musicals like Waitress and Hamilton, The Opera house is the place to be for a night of stories and fun.

4. TD Garden

Any concert experience is amazing, but the arena of TD Garden makes it that much better. It is where all the collective Bostonian congregate to see their favorite singers flaunt their stuff on stage. It may not be the hot place to go all the time, but it definitely makes any concert experience that much better.

5. Fenway Park

Just like TD Garden, Fenway Park has the same appeal, but for the sports fanatics. The place is lively and packed whenever the Red Sox are home and with this last World Series win, the crowd could be heard for miles.

6. Faneuil Hall

From shopping to tatting, Faneuil Hall has it all. Beautiful scenery to stop and walk around to the classic Boston lobster roll, Faneuil Hall is the one-stop-shop for fun times and great memories.

7.  The Common

If you are here in Boston and missing the trees, I suggest taking a nice walk through the commons. Always exciting and full of adventure, the Boston Commons is the central hubbub of all things fun.

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8. The Garden

If you go to the commons and are craving even MORE scenery, then I suggest the lush landscape of The Boston Gardens. An actual garden paradise in the middle of the city, the gardens promises nice strolls through the park, bird feeding, and boat rides. Personally, it is one of my favorite activities whenever I need a break from school.

9. Boston Public Library

Speaking of school, the one go-to destination when you have a lot of work to crank out is the one and only Boston Public Library! With its aesthetically pleasing architecture and array of books, you’ll feel at peace and be able to get all that you need to get done and this peaceful place.

10. The T

Last but not least, the oddity of the list, I give to you Bostons infamous public transportation system – the T. While it may seem odd that I am listing a subway station as a top ten awesome thing about Boston, I have my reasons. The main one being that no matter where you need to go, the T is always there to help. With its low fares and on-time trains, the T is one of my favorite metro stations in a city. I can always rely on it to take me wherever I need to go.

So whether is the beauty of the Gardens, or the quietness of the library, or even the always-busy T, Boston has loads of cool activities that will make your college experience, that much better!

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