10 Reasons Why Going To Bars Actually Sucks

While getting completely blackout drunk may be the ideal night for some, it’s hardly anything I’d like to experience again. Perhaps I should clarify that I find the experience of going to bars to be absolutely dreadful. Of course, I’m not judging anyone that loves to spend their weekends inside of bars, but here are ten reasons why I hate going to bars.

Overpriced Drinks.

Let’s be honest, the reason you’re paying so much for drinks is for convenience. Now obviously there are special nights at most bars where drinks are fairly cheap, but generally, you’ll be overpaying for drinks. Maybe this is just my inner cheapskate talking but I’d prefer to just buy my own drinks at a cheaper price.

Going to the bars may be your idea of fun, but the opposite is true for me. Find out why I hate going to bars!

The Atmosphere.

Maybe this is just me, but I often find myself bored when at bars. Everybody is just there to either get completely shitfaced or awkwardly hit on strangers. For somebody who’s not exactly in that mindset anymore, I feel out of place. Again, I’m not the demographic that most bars target but I can’t help but be repulsed by the scene.

Going to the bars may be your idea of fun, but the opposite is true for me. Find out why I hate going to bars!


Bars seem to encourage all types of creeps and weirdos. You’ll see countless predators doing any and everything to sleep with random girls and or guys. Even though I’m a heterosexual male, I can imagine how tense some women must feel in this type of environment.


Mixing alcohol with well…idiots is never a good combination. You’re bound to witness and maybe even experience a bar fight or two in your life. And while bars themselves don’t encourage their patrons to fight one another, alcohol is a powerful motivator.


This varies place to place, but I’ve encountered some bouncers that acted like they were guarding the White House. These bouncers will often let their minor power go to their heads as they judge the very souls of each guest. I understand that their there for safety, but I honestly think that most are obsessed with having the power to control entry into the club.

The Regulars.

The people who are in the bars 24/7 are just…sad. Maybe some of them are going through countless problems but the fact that they drink them away every night is depressing. Usually, they’re in the bars alone at most times of the day. Again, this is just me assuming what their life must be like but more often than not, the bars are their only “home”.

Going to the bars may be your idea of fun, but the opposite is true for me. Find out why I hate going to bars!


Hearing the same tired songs that I hear on the radio are another reason I hate bars. Okay I get it, people wanna dance to popular songs that they know, but having songs that I already hate blasted to ear piercing levels isn’t my idea of a good time.


I may just have bad luck on this one, but every bar that I’ve gone to has had atrocious food. I’d hear some of my fans gush about certain bar food they’ve had and look puzzled. I wouldn’t feed the bar food I’ve had to my dog and he’s part goat.

The Dancing.

Okay, maybe this is a plus, but if you’re ever bored outta of your mind at a bar, just watch all of the horrible dancers! Nothing is more entertaining than seeing drunk fools attempt to bust a move on the dance floor. Although some people are so terrible at dancing that it borders on offensive.

I’d Rather Be Doing Something Else…

I’d rather go to the movies with my friends, go out to eat, or countless other options! I just don’t find sitting in a room for hours with complete strangers to be fun! I find it very tense and uncomfortable because you never know what crazy people could be lurking there. I just find the entire experience to be a waste of time and something that I got my fill of during my college career.

Can you think of any more reasons? Tell us below!

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