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15 Reasons Why Girls Go In The Bathroom Together

Have you ever wondered why girls go to the bathroom together at a party, a club, or even a date? Well, I am here to help you decode what they are doing and why they are traveling in a pack.

#1 Gossip

Let’s be honest, as unfortunate as it is, drama follows girls everywhere they go, including the bathroom. In movies and in real life, this is probably the truest reason why girls go to the bathroom together. Whether it’s gossiping about a boy or even another girl, this is the spot we go. That is just the first reason why girls go in the bathroom together. 

2. Primp

If you’re going out or going on a double date, obviously you are gonna throw on a little makeup or lipgloss. After a long time talking, dancing, or drinking, you feel sweaty and gross. So, girls go to the bathroom together to touch up their gloss or to touch up their makeup. Honestly, a lot of girls share their makeup with each other in the bathroom too!

#3 Mirror Selfies

Yes, girls go to the bathroom to take mirror selfies together. A lot of bathrooms offer good lighting and sometimes full-length mirrors. If you are wearing a cute outfit or having a good hair day, obviously you want to document that! Especially if you are at the bar or a club, you want to get a good picture, you need light! Most places are dark and do not give you the best photos. So we resort to the bathroom!

#4 Safety

Sometimes, if you’re at the bar or on a double date, things could potentially go wrong. Whether it’s trying to break free from a bad date or get away from a creep at the bar, obviously grab your girlfriend and go to the bathroom. Also, there is always safety in numbers so going in pairs or groups will keep you safe. 

#5 Female Probs

If girls get up to go to the bathroom together, it could mean that their periods are possibly synced and there needs to be some tampon trading. It’s also a space where girls can talk about how much they hate their period or even how gross they feel. The bathroom allows for a subtle place to discuss these feminine matters. Also, most girls carry feminine products in their purse making it essential to go to the bathroom together if it’s that time of the month. 

#6 Stand In Line

Obviously, the women’s bathroom line is about five times longer than the men’s bathroom, always. Standing in it and waiting can honestly just get really boring, so why not drag your friend to stand with you, so you aren’t all alone. Most girls just go with one another for the company. 

#7 Quiet Time

If you are out at the club or a bar, the scene can obviously get very rowdy and loud. The bathroom is a great place for girls to disappear in order to get some quietness and privacy. It is a place to catch up with an old friend or discuss plans with your roommate. This is a very frequent thing for girls to do and one of the main reasons why girls go in the bathroom together.


Honestly, FOMO or fear of missing out can really influence you to do things like go to the bathroom together. When girls go to the bathroom in groups, they want to be included in whatever drama or discussion is taking place, or even hopping into the mirror selfie. 

#9 Heart to Hearts

After a tough night with friends or boy problems, this is the place where girls will escape to. Following right behind is always a friend. Having a heart to heart in the bathroom is a very common thing for women to do. Whether it’s sitting on the floor and just discussing life or giving each other advice, the bathroom is always a go-to. 

#10 Pep Talks

These happen a lot more than you think. If you’re talking to a girl and she needs to “go to the bathroom,” with her friend, she’s really getting her friends opinion on you. Honestly, most girls sometimes feel like they do not look good and they confide in their friend in the bathroom to get hyped up and feel beautiful. This tactic also happens after a break up to help face the ex. A classic bathroom pep talk will get you feeling confident.

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#11 Making New BFFs

You meet so many different people in the bathroom and sometimes, they even become friends. When different groups of girls or even just girls alone, they tend to make a ton of friends by complimenting their outfit or talking about their night. It is a great place to connect with people and explore new friendships. 

#12 Locks

Let’s be completely honest with each other, a lot of the time the bathroom locks just do not work and make it extremely difficult to hold it, pee, and hope no one is going to barge in on you. When you are with a friend, they can hold the door shut and act like a bodyguard to the stall, then switch. Having a friend is important for this one!

#13 Going to the Bathroom

There is a very good chance we both just genuinely need to use the bathroom. Having a small bladder makes it nearly impossible to not use the restroom frequently. When someone goes with you, they probably just have to go too. 

#14 Crying

This is a big one for girls when they start crying or feel like they just need to step away for a second. The girl gang comes out and all the girls head straight for the bathroom door to help with makeup clean up and advice. You never want people to see you cry obviously, so the girl’s help get you back out on the dance floor and push you to just be yourself and have a good time. 

#15 Secrets

If you were a fly on the wall in the bathroom, you would hear a lot of secrets being spilled. It is also a good place to get all your friends in one spot to inform them of something you saw or that you had a little too much to drink and need to leave asap.

Why do you and the girls go to the bathroom together? Comment down below if I missed any reasons!

Eliza Whitty

I am currently a Marketing Student at Quinnipiac University. I am super passionate about fashion!

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