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5 Reasons Why Foreplay Is Important When Fooling Around

5 Reasons Why Foreplay Is Important When Fooling Around

Without foreplay in the bedroom, things sometimes tend to feel rushed and not intimate. These tips should help you realize why you should take your time.

Here is why foreplay is important in the bedroom when you and your partner are going to fool around. Who wants to just jump into business anyways? It is not a race, take your time.

1. It creates intimacy

The key to good sex is intimacy and sensuality. If you cannot connect with your partner it is going to feel forced and therefore be ineffective. Have you ever had a one night stand? If so you will understand what I mean. Having sex with somebody you feel close too is much more enjoyable than sex with someone you don’t really know. Things like holding hands, kissing, and stroking hair are all simple signs of affection that create sexual tension. Without these small moments of togetherness you are unlikely to indulge in foreplay which means you are going to have boring, effortless sex.

2. It gets you excited

Foreplay is important when it comes to sexual satisfaction, it’s especially important for women as it usually takes us longer to feel in the mood. Would you start an exercise routine without a warm up? You need to prepare your body and mind. Foreplay offers the chance for both people to indulge in the moment. It also helps with lubrication, which makes the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

8 Reasons Why Foreplay Is Important When Fooling Around

3. It shows you care

Foreplay is about showing your partner how much you are willing to do for them. It is your time to explore your partner’s body. When somebody is willing to give without receiving this is massive turn on. It shows that they are really into you, it also makes the receiver feel as though they would like to return the favour, so you can be selfish in a crafty way.

4. You learn about each other

If you want to have good sex then communication is important. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you enjoy or perhaps what you don’t enjoy. People are not mind readers. Ok, so I guess you can try a gage an understanding of what’s working well from reactions during the act, but it’s better to be more forward. Have you ever noticed how sex seems to get better as your relationship with your partner becomes more serious? This is because when you’re in a serious relationship you are more inclined to open up to your partner. When you are able to talk about sex without feeling awkward or embarrassed it opens up a world of possibility.

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5. It helps women reach orgasm

For most women, intercourse itself is not enough, we need to be sexually stimulated. It’s important that you don’t see it as a chore, if you’re going down on somebody but you don’t really want to they will sense that, therefore it will be pointless. It also works vice versa, if you’re feeling as though your only doing it for your partner’s sake, you’re going to have a bad time. You should enjoy pleasuring your partner and if you do they will sense this during sex, making it more enjoyable. There is nothing sexier than watching your partner drool at the sight of you. You should also think about bringing sex toys into the bedroom, some men feel intimidated by this, but fear not! It’s not that your manhood isn’t good enough. The problem is that a lot of women find it difficult to reach the point of orgasm. For example women are more likely to climax through clitoral stimulation, so using something like a bullet vibrator is a good idea. If a woman is satisfied she will be more so inclined to focus her attention on you. You should also remember that foreplay isn’t just for before intercourse, it can be incorporated at any time, and so mix things up a little and keep it exciting!

8 Reasons Why Foreplay Is Important When Fooling Around

Foreplay is so important, who do you need to educate? Tag someone who you think needs to read this!

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