10 Reasons Why Florida State University Is The Best College To Attend

When deciding what college to go to, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Such as how far it is, the academics, and what the campus life is like. Once getting accepted into multiple colleges, there’s only a short amount of time to choose which one you like the most. That’s why this article on 10 reasons why Florida State University is the best college to attend is here to make your decision a little easier!

This is why FSU is the best

1. The Sports Teams

Of course! Everyone knows the famous Florida State University chant that rings out at the football games. While our football team is fantastic and well known, all of the athletics here are great. From baseball, volleyball to softball, students of FSU are given crazy good discounts on tickets to all athletic events. The air of spirit that engulfs each game makes for a great time and a sense of unity!

This is why Florida State University is the best school to attend

2. Beautiful Architecture

The campus at Florida State University is super gorgeous and full of giant brick buildings. The old-time atmosphere of the campus makes you feel cozy and at home. Everywhere you look there are fountains and statues depicting the history of the campus and it makes for enjoyable walks to class. P.S. all of the fountains are registered swimming pools, so feel free to take a dip!

This is why Florida State University is the best school to attend

3. The Best Partying

Florida State University’s campus is right in the heart of the city of Tallahassee and right off campus is some of the coolest bars and clubs to hit up. Everyday of the week there are special events happening at one of the clubs and it’s a great chance to meet people and let loose a little. No matter what day of the week it is, there is always something going on to make your nights a little more exciting!

4. Landis Green

A giant green landscape sits on campus as a great place to set up a hammock, study, read, sunbathe, play sports and play with dogs. It has the softest and greenest grass one could ever see and it’s a hotspot of daily activity. They always host events on Landis that offer opportunities to people passing through and they are always handing out free food and drinks as you walk to class. I’m talking bake sales, smores, grilled cheese, lemonade and even free shirts or other Seminole gear.

This is why Florida State University is the best school to attend

5. Club Downunder

This is a venue on campus that is student-run and free for all FSU students. They have concerts, comedy shows, or open mics almost everyday of the week. They offer rock band concerts, shows that target different communities you may be interested in and comedians. People like Quinn XCII, Donald Glover and even drag shows have been there. This place is one of the reasons why Florida State University is the best.

This is why Florida State University is the best school to attend

6. Starbucks everywhere

We all know how important coffee is to the diets of college students. Whether you want coffee at 7 at night or at 3 in the morning as you struggle to stay awake and study, there is always going to be a Starbucks close and open.

7. The FSU Circus

That’s right, I’m talking about an actual circus. Out of the very few schools in Florida that have a circus, FSU’s Flying High Circus is the best. You even have a chance of being in it, as they offer classes here that train you in different aspects of the circus, AND it counts as a credit! This is why FSU is the best.

This is why Florida State University is the best school to attend

8. Market Wednesday

Halfway through the week, everyone is starting to drag because Friday is so close yet so far. Luckily, Market Wednesday appeals to all audiences and can get everyone in a good mood. Different vendors from food to jewelry, pottery to clothing all come together in the middle of Oglesby Union and sell items at low prices so you don’t even have to leave campus to shop! The atmosphere is unbelievable and gives you the pep you needed to get through the rest of the week. People are dancing, clubs are recruiting people, it’s a great way to spend your Wednesday.

9. Melting Pot of Educational Opportunities

FSU is widely known for the diverse majors one can choose to pursue. From the College of Fine Arts to the College of Nursing, whatever you want to be, Florida State can provide it. Plus, we have 17 colleges to choose from while that stinky college down in Gainesville only has 16.

10. The Traditions

The history behind FSU is interesting and incredible and led to a lot of widely known traditions for students to take part in. From being dunked into the Westcott fountain on your 21st birthday to the Kissing Bench where you’ll find the love of your life, they allow for a fun and interesting time here at the university. You can’t forget the chief running across the field with a spear before a football game either!

This is why Florida State University is the best school to attend

Nothing can beat the fun times and good memories you’ll make at Florida State University. So, when it comes time to pick which college to go to, remember this article and you’ll know!

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