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10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A TikTok Account

10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A TikTok Account

TikTok is one of the newest social media applications to recently hit the scene, with over 800 million users active on the digital platform worldwide. TikTok is similar to older apps like and Vine, in which younger people use the social media outlet as a way to express themselves and share ideas in a short span of time. Some of the buzz surrounding the app include the formation of cool new dance crazes, the lives of young creators like Charlie DiMelio and Addison Rae, and even the U.S. wanting to ban TikTok this year. While the app has its disadvantages, there are far more benefits to downloading TikTok. In fact, here are 10 reasons why everyone needs a TikTok account!

1. It’s Very Easy To Use 

TikTok is truly an app where everyone is a creator. This is mostly due to the platform being very user-friendly, especially in comparison to similar competitors like Instagram and Snapchat. According to Esquire Middle East, the immense archives of viral audio, various filters, and easy editing tools is why TikTok has been able to garner a large following worldwide. This allows people across the globe to become successful on the app and simply be able to express themselves with a single click. 

2. A Creative Career Launcher 

Like many digital platforms, TikTok has jumpstarted many people’s careers as an influencer and repopularized music and comedy through the app’s sound feature. What makes TikTok stand out amongst the rest, however, is how short videos under 15 seconds have connected with such an audience that people have rapidly gained a following on so many other platforms outside of Instagram and even YouTube. Dancers, singers, chefs, and makeup artists–just to name a few–have collaborated with entire corporations and major artists in such a short amount of time, making them household names and creatives to look out for. Downloading a TikTok account has helped many share their creative work, making them stars overnight. 

10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A TikTok Account

3. TikTok Is THE App For Entrepreneurs Everywhere

The most financially risky job out there is to be your own boss starting from the ground up. In addition to exposure and fame, TikTok has been an accessible platform for people to raise awareness about their small businesses during this pandemic. The app allows you to work with brands and companies for promotions to monetize your TikToks if you hit a certain number of followers. Also, entrepreneurs can gain insight from TikTok by studying and understanding contemporary content creation and marketing to make an application themselves. TikTok is the best networking tool for entrepreneurs today, as the constant collaboration and virality will set precedent for the way we communicate in the future. 

4. A Fast & Easy App For Expert Advice

Downloading a TikTok account has come with the major perk of receiving expert advice within 15-second videos. Gone are the days we solely relied on YouTube to see the step-by-step process of how to make food or know what to incorporate in our skincare routine. Doctors, chefs, celebrity makeup artists, etc. from all around the world are on TikTok giving us the guidance we never knew we needed. The duet feature and video responding to comments have also helped with addressing specific issues a lot of experts can give insight on. This is another major reason why everyone needs TikTok, as it helps circulate information fast in a short amount of time. 

10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A TikTok Account

5. Collaboration Breeds Inspiration

TikTok is seriously the most collaborative and shared app out here at the moment, which is why it has an alarming rate of people downloading it every day. This is due to working with brands, dueting, using a database of others’ audio and sound, responding to comments via video, working with other influencers, sharing TikToks on Instagram and YouTube, etc. The list goes on. TikTok is literally everywhere, so it is hard to avoid without having the fear of missing out. It also is a great way to connect and meet new people and be inspired, which is a simple reason to have an account yourself.

6. A Voice For Social Justice Today

In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”. Having a TikTok account has been a great educator for millennials and Gen Zers as we learn about the injustices and conditions of people everywhere. From racial injustice, gender inequality, ableism, fatphobia, global crises and politics, old murder mystery stories, and mental health awareness, we have all been humbled by chopped up videos on this social networking service for a lifetime. It has made us connect and empathize like never before and make a change on a global scale. 

10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A TikTok Account

7. It’s For All Ages

Because TikTok is so user-friendly, many people of all ages have been utilizing the app. This gives the application a distinct voice from all other platforms as our ‘for you page’ pushes us to hear the plethora of stories and experiences from those in a different age bracket than us. The even more unique thing about this is that it isn’t limited to older and younger folks in the West, but people of all ages in every continent. This is another reason why everyone should have a TikTok account. 

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8. It Helps Us Celebrate And Learn About New Cultures 

Despite being accused of spreading disinformation, TikTok has triumphantly shown us that we don’t know everything about everyone. The app has single-handedly expanded people’s knowledge of others’ cultures and traditions with video creators releasing footage of who they are and where they come from. Creative ethnicity tags and viral comedic family videos have brought people together by teaching us about individuals and their heritage from the other side of the globe. This is an advantage that no social media app has ever done so well and so fast at the same time. 

10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A TikTok Account

9. Strict On Safety & Online Bullying

Another admiral aspect of having a TikTok account is its strictness on safety and its low tolerance for online bullying. The New York Times has even said “TikTok mostly feels safe and wholesome” due to it being heavily moderated with virtually no bullying on the app. TikTok strives to be in tiptop shape when it comes to making sure the app is safe to use; they are periodically changing policies to protect everyone on the viral digital platform. 

10. It’s Fun & Entertaining

Lastly, TikTok is really fun. I mean, really. It is a quick distraction from reality and allows us to hop on fun trends and challenges that people come up with when we have the time. It’s an easy way to get information and vet that information to make sure we know what’s true and not true. We can duet and react to video clips, find new music, laugh, cry, and learn whatever new dance everyone else is doing at the moment. It’s fun and connects you to people from the comfort of your home. Get a TikTok account. Trust me when I say you won’t regret it. 

10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A TikTok Account

There are so many reasons why to make a TikTok account today. Why do you believe everyone needs a TikTok Account? Tell us in the comments below!

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