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8 Reasons Why Ethnasia Is The Best Jeweler

“Hair, done. Outfit, on. Shoes, on. Jewelry, missing!” Let’s face it, without jewelry we deem our look to be incomplete. Whether you are going for an athletic or elegant look, jewelry is a necessity that can foster and boost a sense of completion to your outfit. However, we always seem to struggle with finding a good jeweler that is affordable and eco-friendly, with the exception of Ethnasia. Located in Greece, this jeweler is willing to cross borders to cater to your needs, like, literally. Here are 8 reasons why Ethnasia is the best jeweler out there!

1. Affordable jewelry

You divert your attention to a beautiful ring, yet with angst, lower your eyes to the price. Surprise! It seems to be just within your price range! Ethnasia does the best job with listing products at an affordable price. The products that tend to be both larger in size and weight are naturally listed at a higher price, yet products that are both smaller and lighter are listed at a lower price. Almost all rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings tend to range from $7 to $33, so there is something unique for those who are on a tight budget and are searching for something chic, as well as for those who can splurge just a  little! You can never turn down an affordable purchase.

2. High-quality

Water is the enemy! On the contrary, Ethnasia’s affordable products do not tarnish or ruin easily. The metals that are used to produce the best rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are made for your everyday life and are guaranteed to survive the process of washing your hands, showering, or coming in contact with water by any means. However, it is still advised to take off the jewelry in order to maintain the best quality of the product.

Ethnasia also sells necklaces and bracelets that are made from eco-friendly fabric, of which also are considered to be waterproof with the help of the thin wax coating placed on the finished product. Now you can rock that jewelry at the beach!

3. Ethnic

Culture anyone? You heard that right, this small business is located in Greece and therefore the bulk of their jewelry is influenced by Greek culture. The jewelry that you will most certainly purchase, have a distinct pattern that is unique to Greece and Ethnasia.  Almost everyone’s favorite, The”Achilles Ring”, incorporates both Greek patterns, while promoting the ancient Greek hero Achilles who is represented frequently in Greek mythology. As you can see, culture is neatly woven into these pieces, so let’s show the best jewelry off!

4. Ethically made

Fani Ntinoudi is the Greek founder of Ethnasia. She proudly represents the best business that ethically produces products. Now, what does that mean? Ethically produced jewelry is usually jewelry that were kind to both humans and animals during the production process. Since she runs a small business with just a handful of people on board, she makes sure that they are all subjected to equality and fairness in order to put out the best products. On the website of Ethnasia, she is certified in ethically producing her jewelry. You have to careful with the jewelers that you put your money into because some might not have the proper certifications!

5. Charitable

Although a small jeweler, Ethnasia enjoys giving back to the community. That is why this jeweler collaborates with 5 different Greek organizations almost every year. Fani creates jewelry that promotes the organization that she is representing by writing a brief background text about the intentions of the organization. Ethnasia also emphasizes the fact that 10% of the net sales per product is given to that organization and that most of these products are quality bracelets. In the past, Ethansia has collaborated with “Child’s Heart”, an organization that informs and helps children and adults who are battling with Congenital Heart Disease. Ethnasia has received many buyers for this bracelet, due to its beautiful design and good intentions. So, make sure to check out the Charity Bracelets that will benefit both you and many people in need.

6. Eco-friendly

The jewelry that Ethnasia puts out all scream sustainability! In other words, the material that is used to make the jewelry, including products that are woven, are made from materials that are less harmful to the environment. Ethnasia hopes to be using 100% organic material very soon for their products and most importantly for the environment. Not only do their jewelry represent sustainability, but also their packaging. The small box that is used to neatly package your product is in fact biodegradable! See, almost everything is thought of by the best jeweler, Ethnasia!

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7. Fast shipping

If you live in Europe your package will most likely arrive sooner than if you live in North America. However, standard shipping is comparatively fast because it takes approximately 8 business days for a wonderful surprise to reach your house, that is, if you live somewhere across the Atlantic Ocean. Another plus is that if your purchase is above $35, then you will receive free shipping! That means, by buying up to three rings, that hit slightly above the price of $35, you will be able to earn free shipping. What can I say, the best jeweler does it again!

8. Free gifts

After your first purchase, you will be given instructions on how to get your hands on a free ring of your choosing. That is, by posting about your amazing purchase, Ethnasia will make sure you get your gift! Another way to get a free product is if you purchase three products you will receive a free bracelet. What a steal!

So you might have only purchased a single product. To your surprise, within that package you receive two adorable Ethnasia stickers. This is perfect to stick on to your laptop or water bottle. I know you need more stickers! There are so many ways to get free products from the best jeweler Ethnasia, they do really care for their wonderful supporters!

So what do you think? Should I get the bracelet or the ring? Tell us what you purchased!

Sophie Guerrero

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