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5 Reasons Why Eastern Europe Is The Best Holiday Destination

Eastern Europe is one of the most overlooked places when it comes to picking up a holiday destination. People would prefer choosing a city break in a big European city or look for an exotic holiday in a remote place or the same old Ibiza or Malta, without considering all of the things that countries in Eastern Europe have to offer! However, here are 5 reasons why Eastern Europe is actually the best holiday destination!

1. It’s very cheap!

Travel expenses in a country in Eastern Europe are so much less than your average holiday destinations! Other than the flights (which only get more expensive during the busy summer periods), your hotel, the food, and everyday expenses are a lot cheaper than anywhere else you might decide to go! Good quality accommodation, wining and dining out, and even a big night out will not contribute to breaking the bank, so if you have been saving up for a while before your holiday you can be sure that you will have a lush time on your Eastern European holiday!

2. It’s beautiful

You can find pretty much any type of tourism in Eastern Europe that can fit your taste. From breath-taking beaches to mountain resorts and even rural tourism, you can be certain that you won’t be disappointed wherever you decide to go! There are many castles, cathedrals, beautiful villages that you can visit by the seaside or in the mountains, so research the area that you want to explore beforehand to be sure you are prepared and get on board for your next adventure! You won’t be disappointed!

3. People are very hospitable

It is a false rumour that Eastern Europeans are grumpy and cold towards foreigners, in fact, people over there are very hospitable and are actually speak quite good English, especially if they are young or work in a touristy place. Wherever you can be certain that you will be welcomed with a smile and made feel at home. People over there like to act quite familiar so do not be surprised if a stranger greets you with a kiss or a hug! Eastern Europeans like to make friends with foreigners so if you get invited for a drink with somebody you just met there’s nothing to worry about, it’s just a part of their culture.

4. The food!

Eastern European countries have very specific and interesting cuisines and you can’t find authentic recipes for their food anywhere else! From Polish pierogi, Hungarian goulash, Croatian or Serbian grilled meat etc. it is certain that you will find something to your taste and will be going back for seconds! Definitely make sure to try the local food on your way there and make a brave move and try some of the strong local liquor that they may offer. But be careful though, as their alcohol is very strong!

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5. The culture

Although the countries in Eastern Europe try and embed Western culture in their everyday lives, their traditional culture is still very much authentic and alive. People in some places still wear their folk costumes, they gather to dance their traditional dances, they grow their own food and traditions that go back centuries are still performed with pride. So if you’re looking for something completely different and new, you should definitely check out Eastern Europe for the culture! If you’re visiting a specific region while there’s a traditional festival going on you should definitely try and take part in the fun!

Would you visit Eastern Europe on holiday? Which of these reasons do you find most appealing? Comment below!

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Zlatitsa Markova

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