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10 Reasons Why Cookies With A Crunch Are Better

10 Reasons Why Cookies With A Crunch Are Better

10 Reasons Why Cookies With A Crunch Are Better

Cookies have always been one of my favorites and for all of my fellow cookie lovers out there – who can relate – you’re sure to enjoy these 10 reasons why cookies with a crunch are better. After all, there is nothing more wonderful than crunch out the outside, followed by gooey goodness on the inside.

1. You Can Dip Them Into Milk With Ease. 

This has to be one of the best parts about a cookie that has an outward crunch; you can even go as far as dunking them in iced coffee for an even better taste. Just make sure that you pair the right flavor of cookie – and coffee – so that you aren’t left with a terrible aftertaste, or disappointed with your experience. In other words, no matter how delicious raw cookie dough is – along with undercooked cookies – they can’t be as easily dunked as crunchy ones, without crumbling to the bottom of your glass.

2. They Stay Fresh For A Long Amount Of Time. 

It’s not a hard task to keep this type of cookie fresh – especially since they aren’t as gooey as a chewy cookie would be; in turn, the chewy cookie collects a lot more moisture – causing it to harder quicker when taken off the tray. A crunchier cookie, however, doesn’t have this problem – making it much easier to store because you aren’t having to try every method imaginable to keep it soft overnight.

3. They Are Easy To Store Overnight. 

You don’t have to worry about placing them as carefully as you do with your soft/gooey cookies because they can be tossed to and fro – yet still remain in the same form on the outside. This makes them a lot easier to store because you don’t have to worry about stacking them up too early and having a cookie pile that’s run together.

10 Reasons Why Cookies With A Crunch Are Better

4. They Are Easy To Frost. 

Many of us can reflect on our favorite childhood cookie(s) within an instance; I know that I loved homemade ones – that my mom used to make – but I also had a heart for the store-bought sugar cookie/icing kits that were always out around the Christmas season. The sugar cookies were always soft – yet still crunchy on the outside – to where the icing could be put on with ease.

5. You Are Less Likely To Eat As Many Because Of How Much Chewing Is Required. 

I remember hearing this from a friend – and I’d like to believe it was true that with every chew I’m burning an awesome amount of calories. This seems like a lot better reality than consuming two times the amount of my daily intake. But at the end of the day, we all have to believe that we’ll eventually stop chewing – once our cheeks have gotten tired; I guess that beats inhaling five gooey cookies in under two seconds.

6. You Can Dip – Or Coat Them – In Peanut Butter. 

Is this just a me thing? If so, then I guess I’ll have to accept the fact that I love dipping almost anything and everything into peanut butter; you just can’t go wrong with it – especially when a chocolate chip cookie is involved. After all, peanut butter and chocolate are practically partners in crime – which makes them the perfect duo; I even go as far as smearing peanut butter on top of my chocolate chip pancakes – and any other kind for that matter.

10 Reasons Why Cookies With A Crunch Are Better

7. They Are Easy To Incorporate Into Goodie Bags During The Holidays. 

Crunchy cookies are easy to put into goodie bags because they’re easy to transport; not only that, but they create a whole lot less of a mess – and aren’t as likely to break while in transit. Just make sure that you tie up the top of each one with a cute set of ribbon because they might be crunchy cookies, but they still need to stay fresh all the same. All in all, you don’t have to fuss over them as much – and can get your goodie bags done in under half the time.

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8. They Serve As A Good “Frustration Food”. 

Why do you think that so many of us turn to chips – and other such crunchy items – during the times when we find ourselves frustrated/stressed by what we might be going through in our current everyday life; this, right here, is an example of what a frustration food is because it’s one of the few things that people look to in the midst of the more difficult days.

9. They Have A Great Texture Compared To The Chewy Ones. 

Some of us simply like the texture but it’s hard to explain to those who have yet to enjoy the experience. In turn, there is something about the loud crunch – when biting into the hard shell of the cookie – that makes it all worthwhile. Maybe it’s the satisfaction of hearing what you are eating, or how it feels against the tip of your teeth; these are only two of the several possibilities as it’s different for everyone.

10 Reasons Why Cookies With A Crunch Are Better

10. They Are Versatile For Food Related Crafts. 

If you’re questioning – or wondering – what kind of cookie that you want to incorporate into your food-related crafts, then a crunchy one should always be the answer. It is through this that you are able to have a sturdy base – or foundation – for any type of crafts that you are about to take on. Not only that, but these can be used for practically any form of craft – due to how versatile they are. Just make sure that you are careful when you are trying to break one apart – or in half – for a certain part of your project so that what you are working on might break even. 

We hope that these 10 reasons why cookies with a crunch are better are all things you can relate to. Don’t forget to share – and let us know your favorite type of cookie – in the comments below! 

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