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8 Reasons Why Coconut Oil Is Amazing

8 Reasons Why Coconut Oil Is Amazing

Coconut oil has been around for a very long time, used in many different ways. It helps heal, nourish, and there are many more ways coconut oil is an all-time favorite. Here are 8 reasons why coconut oil is amazing. 

1. Healthy fatty acids

Coconut oil is without a doubt high in saturated fats but what this does is that it encourages your body to burn more fat. When ingested, it provides a quick burst of energy for your brain and body to work on. It will even raise cholesterol in your blood that may help with actually reducing heart disease risk. 


2. Digestion

If you ever felt your tummy feel bloated and uncomfortable from the foods you eat, then coconut oil may be the perfect thing you need to use. What it does is that it helps with food digestion so that the vitamins that your body is trying to retain will actually be absorbed into the body faster and more efficiently. Coconut oil can even help with eliminating the toxins that sit inside our digestive systems. It will fight anything that is in our stomachs and will soothe inflammation and helps prevent stomach ulcers.

3. Moisturizer

Having long-lasting moisturizer may seem like a dream but with coconut oil, it’s nothing but reality. When applied, it leaves the skin feeling absolutely amazing for 24 hours at least! It protects the body by holding in the moisture to prevent any dryness from actually happening. The only thing we wouldn’t recommend would be by putting coconut oil on the face especially if you are acne-prone. It can have the tendency to clog the pores, but other than that you can use it on the body! There should be no problems when it comes to that area!


4. Eczema relief 

As said previously, coconut oil keeps in the moisture of the body. If you have eczema that is itchy and uncomfortable then using this oil will help take that feeling way. Unfortunately, it does cure eczema, but you will feel twenty times better if you use it daily!


5. Makeup remover

There have been nights when you need something extra to get off that annoying mascara or stained lipstick off the face. Coconut oil can definitely help in that! It’s great because what it does is breaks down the lipid-soluble impurities such as makeup and sebum. And if you have oily skin that this is even better for you.

Since oily skin has sebum, it causes the skin to naturally become extra oily. To reduce that, coconut oil can pull the excess sebum and oil from the face. You are able to wear your makeup without the fear that you will melt it off! If you are going to use coconut oil for this reason we recommend that you use a cleanser afterward to really get a deep cleanse. You wouldn’t want to have clogged pores filled with oil and dirt, would you?! 


6. Deep conditioner 

Let’s officially say GOODBYE to dry brittle hair. Coconut oil can restore and help your hair tremendously. If you use heat, color, or you are just in the sun then you should use coconut oil! It retains moisture in the hair. Dry hair has little moisture to the hair that is why it is dead in the first place.

You can either use it as a leave-in conditioner or a deep conditioner. If you want to try a deep conditioner we recommend heating up your coconut oil and applying it to dry hair before you shampoo and condition it. Leave it on for at least 1 hour. Wash it out and be impressed with how soft it feels and how beautiful it looks! This will be your holy grail for life afterward. 

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7. Brush cleaner

Do you love makeup and have makeup brushes beyond compare? Well, then you probably also need to give them a wash to keep the bacteria from growing on them. Coconut oil is a great brush cleaner alternative if you are looking to save money and know exactly what you are cleaning your brushes with. We recommend mixing the oil and soap together to clean your brushes. The reason why we wouldn’t just recommend using a bar of soap is that coconut oil has the ability to break down makeup in a way that soap does not leave your brushes with nothing but sparkly clean.

It’s so important that you take the time to wash your brushes because when don’t, we are literally putting old bacteria onto our faces. That means more acne-prone skin, meaning you will feel less confident. Don’t you want to feel amazing always?! One of the easiest is just taking the time to clean your brushes. If you have acne-prone skin, it might be best to wash your brushes every day or two, but if you don’t or don’t have the time to, once a week should be good enough before it’s time for another clean!


8. Oil Pulling

If you haven’t heard about “oil pulling” then you can be very excited! Oil pulling is where you put an oil such as coconut oil in the mouth and swish it around for 15-20 (maybe even less if you haven’t done this before). You should only do a tablespoon of the oil and DO NOT SWALLOW IT. Once you are done, you want to spit it out into the trash. Do not spit it out into the sink or toilet because it could clog them and we don’t want that! After you spit it out, that’s it! 

Now, what does oil pulling even do?! By swishing around oil in your mouth you are killing any bacteria that sits in your mouth daily. It pulls it right out and leaves no traces of it! It helps even with preventing bad breath and helps with not getting cavities. Doing this daily will improve your dental hygiene incredibly!


In which ways are you most excited to use coconut oil? Comment down below to let us know!

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