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10 Reasons Why Cats Make The Best Pets

10 Reasons Why Cats Make The Best Pets

Cat's come in all shapes and adorable sizes. They really are just fluffy rays of sunshine. If you are thinking of getting a pet soon, here are ten reasons why you should bring a cat into your life.

Cats are without a doubt the single most perfect animals, and they make wonderful pets too! Not only are they cute and playful, but cats are also loyal and self-sufficient too. They fit into any aspect of your life, whether you work from home or are gone most of the day, cats are great, furry companions to have around and come home to. Here are ten reasons why cats make the best pets.

1. Cats are adorable and entertaining animals

Though they do spend the majority of the day sleeping, cats are also highly energetic creatures. Throw them a sock or toy mouse and that cat will have a ball trying to tear it apart. Don’t be afraid to give them a pinch of catnip if they are being lazy, and sit back and get ready to watch some feline kung fu action! Also, you can easily forgive them for ripping up your toilet paper rolls because who can stay mad at that face?

10 Reasons Why Cats Make The Best Pets

2. Cats basically take care of themselves

Cats don’t need to be taken for walks or cleaned up most of the time, they often groom themselves and use their litter box as they please. Whether you like to pet them for long periods of time or need some space to get work done, cats are very adaptable, which make them the best pets!

3. Cats are empathetic

Are you having a bad day or just feeling down for some reason? Pick up a cat and give it a hug. I promise you will feel much better!

10 Reasons Why Cats Make The Best Pets

4. Cats are really just miniature lions

They don’t call a lion the king of the jungle for no reason, and cats are really just their distant cousin. Your lovable furry friend won’t attack unless he’s playing with you or wants some attention. And when he’s done he will run off to sit in his favorite spot while you fill his bowl with food or water. Your cat is, in this case, the king of your house!

5. Cats are the best nap buddies

If you like to sleep, cats may be the best pet for you! Who doesn’t like a warm, fuzzy pal to get comfortable with and relax? Sure, they may end up sleeping on your face or taking up most of your bed, but you won’t mind after seeing how cute they look rolled up! Bonus points if he sleeps in your bed at night with you instead of running back and forth in the hallway at three a.m.

10 Reasons Why Cats Make The Best Pets

6. Cats can see into your soul… and maybe ghosts

Ever notice how cats can literally just sit there and stare at you intently with their huge round eyes for over twenty minutes? Yeah, they’re staring into your soul. They know you are a kind-hearted person to adopt and care for them as you would your own child.  Or maybe they are staring at something else you can’t see? Might be best to let them stick around.

7. Cats are great hunters

Cats are territorial animals and like to protect their living space. If you are having issues with mice in the house or birds and squirrels disrupting your garden, cats do a wonderful job of keeping them away! Just make sure you give them a few extra treats and a long petting session and let them know that you appreciate their hard work.

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8. Cats come in all colors and sizes

Okay, we got a few things clear about cats already. They’re cute and you need one in your life. But with all these different colored cats with adorable patterns, how could you ever choose just one? Tuxedo cats are quite the sophisticated felines, but leopard spotted cats or plain black cats are just as irresistible!

10 Reasons Why Cats Make The Best Pets

9. They also have versatile personalities

Cats make wonderful pets because they easily adapt to situations and their owner’s moods. They know when you need them close, purring loudly and rubbing against you when they want you to know they love you. Sure, they can also be jerks and steal your snacks when you aren’t looking, but they also know when you are sick or in need of their company, and they’ll come by and lick your hand to reassure you things will be okay.

10. Cat meows and yawns warm the soul

As if you didn’t need another reason to go out and adopt a cat. Here is a picture of a cat yawning. You’re welcome.

10 Reasons Why Cats Make The Best Pets

Are you a cat lover? Or considering becoming a cat parent? Let us know in the comments about your special furry friend!

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