8 Reasons To Set The Boxed Hair Dye Down And Head To A Salon

It's so much cheaper, but it's not worth the savings! Here are some vital reasons why boxed hair dye is bad that will save your strands long-term.

As someone who has died their hair every color of the rainbow (everyone had a scene phase in the mid-2000s, right?), I am no stranger to the damage caused by DIY dye jobs. Here’s 8 reasons why boxed hair dye is bad and you should see a professional– trust me, you and your wallet will thank you in the long run!

1. It might not be exactly what you wanted

Even though there’s often before and after photos on the side of the box, the actual color your hair will turn isn’t guaranteed. This is especially true if you’re doing drastic changes like light to dark or incorporating any kind of bleach. All too often, you are risking not being 100% satisfied with the results of the boxed dye, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Here are some important reasons why boxed hair dye is bad!

2. Ever missed a spot?

One of the biggest reasons why boxed hair dye is bad is you can often tell it’s boxed dye. The dead give-away for a DIY dye job is the strands of hair that didn’t get an even application of product. Even if you have a friend help you, the risk of leaving a streak of hair untouched is frightening enough alone to avoid boxed dye.

Here are some important reasons why boxed hair dye is bad!

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3. It’s inexpensive

You might be wondering why this is a reason to NOT reach toward boxed dyes when changing up your look, but cheap products are just that—cheap! They’re “one size fits all” options that are often unrealistic: they fade quickly, dry out the hair, and can cause the weirdest color combinations when applied to non-virgin hair or differing hair textures.

4. Damage, damage, damage!

The chemicals found in hair dyes are hard to pronounce and potentially very dangerous. There is a risk for allergic reactions to occur. Moisture can be drawn out of the hair leaving you dry and frizzy, or with breakage and hair loss. This happens especially over continued use. Going to a professional will ensure healthy and safe products catered to your unique needs. There’s no reason to handle such chemicals when you can have someone else do it for you, I mean, they went to school for just that, right?

Here are some important reasons why boxed hair dye is bad!

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5. You’ll most likely end up at a professional salon, anyway

Should any disasters occur when DIY-ing your hair color, you’ll run into inevitable corrective services at professional salons. One of the biggest reasons why boxed hair dye is bad is that you’re turning a good point into a bad one: the cheapness perk is gone when you have to pay more to have it fixed. They are often a last-ditch effort to fix mistakes made from dying your hair at home, and they’re ridiculously expensive. With $10 quickly turning to $400, it’s more affordable in the long run to start with salons from the get-go.

6. Lack of dimension leads to issues with regrowth

Again, there are minimal opportunities for customization of color. One flat shade will wash out your features. Any roots will look strange and be a dead giveaway that you’ve dyed your hair at home. The lack of dimension found in boxed dyes causes cringe-worthy regrowth issues. One stark line separating regrowth from the colored hair can’t be fixed with a second application! Since the roots you’ve grown are virgin hair, it will absorb the color differently than the dyed strands. There also may be banding where the colors meet, leaving horizontal stripes over the crown of your head

Here are some important reasons why boxed hair dye is bad!

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7. The difference between semi-permanent and permanent dyes

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are several different options for at-home color on the market. Deciding between semi-permanent and permanent dyes can be a confusing and often take a lot of research. To have the lasting power you want, it’s safer to consult a professional who has knowledge on the subject.

8. It’s ALWAYS false advertising

Despite companies telling you that your hair will stay healthy, look dimensional, and fade flawlessly, you will NOT look like Jennifer Aniston à la Friends. Just do yourself a favor and head into a salon with some inspiration pics. You’ll get stress-free self-care, and a new perfect look.

Here are some important reasons why boxed hair dye is bad!

What reasons why boxed hair dye is bad convinced you? Put it in the comments!

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