10 Reasons Why Boston Is The College City For You

Applying for colleges is a difficult and stressful time. There are so many questions as to where you want to go, what you want to study, and whether or not you want to live in a suburb or a city. Here are 10 reasons as to why you should choose to attend college in the city, more specifically, why you should attend college in the city of Boston. 

1. Boston Sports 

If you like watching sports, going to sporting events, or sporting your favorite jersey, then Boston in the city for you. Boston is home to the six time Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots, last year’s World Series Champions, The Boston Red Sox, and holders of 17 NBA titles, The Boston Celtics. 

No one takes their sports more seriously than a Boston Sports fan. If it’s game day, their going to their favorite sports bars, wearing their favorite player on the back of their jersey, eating their favorite game time snacks, and spending the day tailgating at Gillette Stadium or Grabbing a Beer at The Baseball Tavern. 

10 Reasons Why Boston Is The College City For You

2. The Seaport 

This up and coming bustling part of Boston lies right between the beautiful waterfront and the historic Fort Point district. There are plenty of things to do in The Seaport from taking a walk on The Harbor walk and grabbing drinks overlooking the water at the Lookout Rooftop & Bar to shopping around the multitude of stores and check out the light up swings at the Lawn on D. 

10 Reasons Why Boston Is The College City For You

3. The Food 

Boston is home to some of the best food options around. Whatever type of food you are in the mood for, Boston has it. 

If you are looking for Chinese food, take a walk through Boston’s Chinatown. There you will find all kinds of Asian cuisine, including the recently popular bubble tea. If you’re craving Mexican food, take a ride to Assembly Row and order a Chicken Tinga Enchilada at Papa Gayo’s. Do you want Italian food? No problem, The North End has everything from huge portions of chicken parmigiana to the best cannoli you can get at the famous Modern Pastry. 

10 Reasons Why Boston Is The College City For You

4. It’s a College City 

Boston is not only home to infamous division one schools, such as Boston University and Boston College, but it is also home to the Colleges of The Fenway. Through this college consortium, you can be enrolled at Emmanuel College, Simmons College, Massachusetts of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Massachusetts College of Art, and Wentworth College.

If you attend any of these five colleges, you can then take classes at any of the other five. This is an amazing benefit because you have many more options to figure out just what career path interests you. You can also enjoy the facilities at any of these school. It’s almost like you get the benefits of five schools for the price of one! 

10 Reasons Why Boston Is The College City For You

5. Medical Care 

Boston is the leading city in Medical care and is home to some of the best hospitals and physicians around. As a student you never have to worry about the scary “what ifs” of getting sick or hurt.  

Even better than that, you can reassure your parents that even though you are entering college and entering into a life on your own, they never have to worry about you not having the care you need if something does happen to you. In Boston, you are in the best medical hands possible.

10 Reasons Why Boston Is The College City For You

6. Job Opportunities 

Attending a college or University in Boston can be beneficial when it comes to finding a job after college. More often than not, going to school in Boston leads to getting an internship in Boston, which then leads to a job opportunity in Boston. Also, many of the professors you will have while going to college in Boston have more than a few connections around the city that they could get you in touch with. These professors can be used as a huge asset to you in your job search. 

Working in the city has more benefits than you can count. Even the benefits are a benefit! You can save money on gas by walking or taking the train/bus to work, and you often make a higher salary working in a city than not. There are also far more job opportunities in the city. Whether you want to teach or be a doctor, there’s more than enough jobs available to you. 

10 Reasons Why Boston Is The College City For You

7. Student Discounts 

From Fenway student nine dollar tickets to free museums entries, Boston students have all the advantages. If you live in the city and attend one of the colleges in the city, then you will find discounts everywhere you go. 

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10 Reasons Why Boston Is The College City For You

8. Accessibility 

One of the best things about Boston is having the ability to easily get anywhere in the city. Whether it be by the T or Uber, anywhere you want to go, even as far as the other side of the city, is only as long as far as a 20 minute ride.

In just one day it’s possible and extremely easy to watch a game at Fenway, take a walk through the Boston Commons, grab a cupcake at Georgetown Cupcakes on Newbury Street, and end the night with Dinner and Dessert in the North End. 

10 Reasons Why Boston Is The College City For You

9. Bar Specials 

Since Boston is a college town, and the majority of college students are on a tight budget, there are multitudes of bars that offer discounts to students. 

Thortons Bar and Grill offers five dollar margaritas on Thursday nights, Coogan’s offers one dollar beers on Saturdays, and The Baseball Tavern offers cheap drinks and cheap seats to Red Sox games.

10 Reasons Why Boston Is The College City For You

10. Diversity 

Boston is a city that is inclusive to all. There are so many things to do all the time that everyone living here can find something to do that they enjoy. 

In Boston there are people of all shapes and sizes from all different backgrounds. Whoever you are you will fit in here in Boston. Boston was recently listed as the sixth most diverse state in the US. Along with the diversity in race and ethnicity, there is also a diversity in interests of people. Because of the large amount of colleges that specialize in different majors, the diversity in the education of all the students around makes for opportunity to learn about all kinds of different things and meet all kinds of different people.

10 Reasons Why Boston Is The College City For You

Does Boston Sound like it could be the college city for you? Comment below and tell us why or why not.

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