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5 Reasons Why Beck From ‘You’ Is Trash

5 Reasons Why Beck From ‘You’ Is Trash

5 Reasons Why Beck From 'You' Is Trash

Spoilers Ahead! If you’re like me you’ve instantly fallen in love with “You” from Netflix. You know the characters well and have developed your own opinion about them. Well, I’m here to tell you, Beck is a garbage human. Yes, I’m aware Joe is a psychopathic stalker and I’m in no way condoning his behavior. However, Beck is problematic af. Here are 5 reasons why Beck from “You” is Trash.

She Claims Her Dad Is Dead And Uses It For Writing Material

Who does that? I’m a fiction writer so making up stuff is ok. However, don’t claim your family member is dead for sympathy, which is exactly what she does. I get it Beck, your dad was a drug addict and walked out on you and your mom. He was a deplorable piece of s**t. There are people out there who really have dead relatives and they certainly wouldn’t appreciate you trying to get sympathy off of their real pain. You’ve got daddy issues? Fine. Grow up and sort your s**t out with a therapist. Oh wait, you did, but not in a way people were expecting. We’ll get into that later.

5 Reasons Why Beck From ‘You’ Is Trash

Joe Gives Her A Job And She B.S.s The Whole Time

First of all, do you know how lucky you are to just be given a job like that? It’s hard out here trying to get a job and you were just given one. Joe was kind enough to hire you, which isn’t smart because hiring loved ones is such a risk in so many ways. In the words of Ethan, “She’s always late. She leaves the register open. She doesn’t know how to organize by genre. Just this morning she chewed out a 14-year-old for buying American Tragedy for school because she hates Dreiser.” Her excuse for being late was “you did say the hours were flexible.” Flexible hours doesn’t mean you can come in whenever you want. To sum it up perfectly Ethan states, “Shitting where you eat just leads to confusion and E. coli.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

5 Reasons Why Beck From ‘You’ Is Trash

She Cheats On Joe With Her Therapist

Listen, you can sleep with whoever you want in this world. What you cannot do is be a cheater! Out of all the guys she’s hooked up with, why oh why did she have to cheat on her boyfriend with her therapist?! Who does that? What does that say about you if you sleep with your therapist? That crosses so many lines even if you were single, Beck!

5 Reasons Why Beck From ‘You’ Is Trash

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She Gaslights Joe

When Joe suspects Beck of cheating he isn’t wrong. He asks her who “The Fox” is because they keep texting Beck. She says she’s a friend from college… who’s all of a sudden in Beck’s life. Now I get people can just reappear in your life, but putting your phone face down every time after a text is suspect. The second sign is when Beck stops being intimate with Joe. So, he follows her, tells her his suspicions, and what does Beck say? “You’re being crazy.” When he finally asks if she’s indeed sleeping with her therapist she replies, “No, I am not sleeping with him! Joe, I told you, if we don’t have trust, we have nothing.” And then she breaks up with him. But later on we find out she, in fact, did have an affair with her therapist. She makes him think he was crazy when he was right all along. She accepts his apology which he shouldn’t have given her because he was right. What an asshole.

5 Reasons Why Beck From ‘You’ Is Trash

She Cheats With Joe

So, it’s three months later. Joe is with someone else. Now that he’s in another relationship she starts sleeping with him knowing he’s taken. Now it’s his fault too, nobody made him sleep with her. I’m just mad that she went after him after seeing he’s happy with someone else. Come on Beck, do better.

5 Reasons Why Beck From ‘You’ Is Trash

Do you agree with this list? What are some other reasons why Beck is a trash character? Let us know in the comments below!

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