10 Reasons A Walk Of Shame Is Actually A Stride of Pride


Let’s talk about the morning after, the day after your amazing night out when you had a certain kind of fun. We have to walk out into the daylight still looking good and everybody knows that you did not spend the night at your own place. Why should this be a walk of shame? It should be a walk of pride! Empower yourself and be confident about your choices. Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why a walk of shame is actually a stride of pride.

1. You got the man you wanted.

You were looking good all night, danced and chatted with the guy you wanted, and ended up leaving with him. That walk means that you got what you wanted, and why would you apologize for that?

2. You get a self-esteem boost.

When you walk outside, you start remembering how well your night went. This should make you walk confidently. There’s no shame in having sex, so don’t let society tell you otherwise! Have pride and show the world.

3. Girls just want to have fun!

Sex is fun, so why should we limit one another? If a guy and a girl want to have sex, let them! And don’t judge them for it the next day when you see them walking home.

4. Love your body.

Having casual sex has its benefits, including an increase in body acceptance. By engaging in safe sex regularly, you are becoming more acceptant of your body and of others’. So what if you still have sex hair? Embrace it!

5. Rock that outfit.

We look our best when we go to the bars, so it’s understood we’ll look our best (again) on that morning/evening walk back… in the same outfit.

6. You get to spill the tea!

Girls get to talk about a lot of things, but nothing unites us more than when we get to spill the tea with each other. Telling the tale of your late-night adventure will create memories and bonding time within your crew.

7. You need the experience.

We all have to go through it at least once. A stride of pride will help build character and make you own other situations that you go through.

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Listen, we all enjoy sex. So walk with pride! You just released all that tension from the work load you have during the week in a super fun (and healthy – it’s great exercise!) way.

9. Girls also have needs.

Guys are not the only ones who want to have sex. Girls want it just as much as men sometimes, and if this means going to his place, so be it! Let Take pride in your decision to give your body what she wants.

10. Live up to your independence.

You’re an adult and are therefore able to make your own decisions. It is time for you to start experiencing the in and outs of sex (pun intended)!

What are some other reasons a walk of shame should be a stride of pride? Share your thoughts below!

Featured image source: Tumblr
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