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6 Reasons You Should Visit Hong Kong

6 Reasons You Should Visit Hong Kong


Keep reading for 6 reasons you should choose Hong Kong as your next vacation destination!

1. It’s completely Westernized.

Contrary to what many Americans may think, Hong Kong is just like any major US city. Filled with an abundance of things to do, places to visit, sights to see, restaurants to try, and beaches to explore, this city is a definite must-go!



2. It’s a major city as well as an Island.

It’s the best of both worlds. Check out its beautiful city skyline and trendy nightlife, or escape the hussle-and-bussle and take a double decker bus (only a short 30 min ride) to the other side of the island. There you’ll find plenty of turquoise water beaches, seafood villages, luscious landscapes, and even high-end rooftop pool clubs… in case your more of the “outdoorsy” type who likes to lounge in poolside cabanas while sipping mimosas all day long.

3. The shopping is to die for!

Even stores we have in the states like Zara and Topshop are different in Hong Kong, a.k.a. ten times better! And for those who were not born with the favorable tall gene, wallow no longer because this is the place for you! Small sizes and petite sections are everywhere. It’s an absolute dream for us shawtys.

4. You think LA has good nightlife? Think again.

Hong Kong is buzzing with hot new restaurants, bars and clubs. Slip on your dancing heels and head down to the famous ‘party’ area called Lan Kwai Fong and you’ll find tons of fun places to eat or drink or dance! But warning: it may be overwhelming at first. The streets are filled with people, blocking all vehicles from driving through, but that’s only because it’s the place to be on any given Friday night! It’s a must-do!

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5. Everyone speaks English.

Hong Kong was built by the British so this makes sense. Although Hong Kong is now owned by China, this only happened recently when they took over ownership from Britain in ’97. And let me clarify, Hong Kong is NOT China! It is SO different I cannot stress that enough. It’s almost guaranteed that anywhere you find yourself on the island you will be surrounded by English speaking Hong Kongers, Aussies, Brits, Yankees …it’s a melting pot really!


6. It’s near so many other fun destinations.

As an outlying island in the Asia Pacific, Hong Kong is close to so many other great destination spots. Whether you choose to island hop after your Hong Kong adventure or visit for a long weekend, spots like Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore are just a short plane ride away. Time to get planning!

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